Top 10 Best Laptops Brands 2022 Top 10 Best Laptops Brands 2022

Top 10 Best Laptops Brands 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to handy and quick work, there is no better thing that a laptop. From students, to professionals, to teachers to persons in entertainment field, Laptops are equally important to all.  But you know one thing is very difficult. The answer to the question – what is the best brand of laptop? Here in this article we will be talking about Best laptops brands which are present in the current scenario. Competition for the best is tough, because a laptop needs to be compatible in many fields for being the best one. In this post we have compiler best laptops brands 2022, which are very well known as the best laptop companies and are popular laptops brands.

Best Laptop Brands

Factors to keep in mind while deciding Best Laptop Brand!

The major factors to be kept in mind while finding the Best laptop brandsare:

  • A processor is a key element when you decide best brand of laptop. Well the top laptop brands usually have latest processor built it and that’s a key factor too.
  • With the advancement of technology, we can get a large RAM which will surely enhance the performance of our laptop, so RAM again is one of the major factor in deciding the best brand of laptop.
  • Well, since we are talking about the best ones, so screen should also be perfect in every aspect from its size to its shape and the design should be sleek and easy to carry.
  • Graphics card specification that a brand provides also matters a lot in deciding best laptop manufacturer.
  • We have said that RAM plays a major role but we cannot forget HDD cause that too is very important thing to be noticed and kept in mind while selecting the best laptops brand because many brands give good RAM but low hard drive storage. So make sure you have a look at this point also.
  • Well it is believed best laptops brands will be costly. But I also know that since we are talking about the best once, cost should not be the matter cause we get best things and high prices only, but you need to make sure that the price that you are paying is worth the thing you are getting and also make sure that you cannot get anything better than this at lower rates.
  • Last but not the least; choose the brand that fulfills your demands and thus we have compiled the list keeping best laptops brands consumer reports in mind.

Make sure you keep all the above points in mind while selecting the best brand for a laptop.

Best laptops brands for 2022:

 1. Dell: Beginning with best laptop brands list, we will be keeping the this Texas based company at number one spot. Dell, since its inception, has always made its way into the top 10 brands for laptops. It is one of the best selling laptop brands across the globe because of the adequate services they provide and their products. Dell has always been up to date in the technical field. Its newest laptops have latest processors, best of displays, maximum possible RAM and huge storage capacity. The latest models are quite revolutionary as they are lighter in weight and are thinner.

Why to choose Dell Laptops:

  • They provide simple computing options
  • Good for those who use laptop for office work (mostly)
  • Options for high end computing available
  • Good quality at low cost
  • Ergonomically designed
  • One of the best laptop brands for college students.
  • Processing speed capable of running medium and low-level software in case of cheaper models, the costly models provide better speed
  • Good display quality.
  • Latest versions have Intel HD graphic card

Dell is delivering better quality day by day and even its cheapest models lasts long enough.

2.  Apple: If you are talking of best laptop brands, you simply cannot miss the name of Apple.Apple is one such brand which can’t be compared with any because of its special features that it comes up with.Whether they are mobiles tablets or laptops, Apple products always catch ones eye and are unique in various aspect. The company has always been in the top 5 list for laptops and also for its other products. No one in the market can get compatible enough to beat Apple in its unique qualities. Though MacBook is always costlier than any other laptop but it is worth it. Let’s have a look at the key features of Apple:

  • None of the laptops in the market can compete with the technical smoothness of a MacBook. Even with just 4 GB of RAM (mostly in many MacBook), it runs as speedily as many of the laptops with 8 GB RAM.
  • The stylish design that Apple provides in almost every product, can turn many heads towards it. Few of the styles like Rose Gold MacBook won many hearts.
  • You can run windows on Mac but not vice versa, that’s another key factor that makes Mac better.
  • The ios features it provides are wonderful, for example, siri!
  • Lack of virus, malware, spyware, etc.

All these features of MacBook make Apple a proud seller and always among the top most.

3. ASUS: Be it some pros or cons, Asus has both in the numbers. But never the less, it has both but it has still always made its way in the top 5 list of laptops brands because of its other overpowering features which hide all its disabilities, certainly one of the leading and top laptop brands. ASUS is always ranked among the top ones not just for its normal laptops but also because of its gaming models which are completely fantastic and are perfect for any computer gaming lover. Apart from technical issues, it has pretty cool design and is easily portable because of light weight and thin shape. Few enlightening features of ASUS are:

  • Such premium features at these affordable prices are not being available by any other laptop brand. If you want features you have to pay high enough in case of other brands but, here ASUS provides you a huge range of laptops that are good enough for you and are affordable.
  • High-end games can be played at really fast speed in ASUS laptops; it’s really a eye catcher of any gamer.
  • Fast processor is another thing that makes it compatible for any kind of usage.
  • It’s available in attractive colors and outstanding designs. It’s gaming ones and casual ones all have wonderful designs.
  • Its laptops are quite innovative with small add-ons like tiny fans and water cooled gaming laptop.

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4. HP: HP laptops are better for any purpose as they can be used as gaming laptops for low setting games thus making it fourth in our list of best brand of laptop; they can be used for basic day to day purpose as well as every other kind of basic use with medium level settings. But with that, it also provides high-level computing in high price models. Options for high end computing and design are also available for premium models. If you are too much into your system and have all time work to do on it with high quality, then HP will surely fulfill your demands. Few points that will give you a proper view of the latest models by HP are:

  • Beautiful design with wonderful looks.
  • Speedy Intel seventh-generation processor available in most of the latest laptop models. Even the earlier models are speedy enough. One thing is sure; when you are looking forward to buy a HP laptop (latest model) than you will get a proper technically updated one.
  • HP’s Spectre x360, which is one of HP’s latest models, is perfect in design with wide touchpad and slim shape. Also this model has better battery life (which is not too good in some of the cheap models) and top performance.
  • Most of the models have SD and microSD card slot.

5. Lenovo: If you are talking about top laptop brands, you cannot simply miss the name of Lenovo. Lenovo is promising for one thing and that is more value at affordable prices. Has proper graphics card which makes it adequate for the world of gaming. Well not everyone can get all the features, because it will surely cost a lot so Lenovo is one such brand which provides many quality features at really low prices. All low-level software can run smoothly run on any model of Lenovo laptop. Latest models have their own face and figure print reorganization software. Here is the list of features that make Lenovo a part of top 10 brands in this big bang world of laptops:

  • Good enough display quality is available.
  • Processing speed is good enough to run low level as well as medium level software (only in case of some models).
  • Latest models provide eye catching designs at really affordable prices.
  • And the best thing which makes Lenovo stand out is wonderful graphics and gaming power.
  • Lenovo is best if you need a laptop specifically for gaming and medium level computing but not for heavy computing.

6. Acer: Ranked as top sixth laptop brand among so many laptop brands available in market. Most of the Acer laptops are available at average rates, decent enough design and adequate computing capabilities. Though most of the models are usually small in size but are decent enough in design. But what makes Acer laptops more attractive is the fact that they are usually easily portable and have long battery life. Here is the list of features that are seen in the latest models of the laptops by Acer are:

  • Slim and beautiful designs
  • Full HD and colorful display is available
  • Long battery life is one of the thing that is the improvement in the latest models
  • Overall performance to be seen quite good with all necessary features.
  • And one of the latest model Acer Aspire S 13 is everything you would love to have with updated technology and ultraportable.

7. MSI: One of the best brands that supplies best gaming support is MSI. And in our list of top laptop brands we have kept it up on no. 7. Most of the models by MSI are either gaming laptops or work stations. MSI is always seen in the front line of innovation and that is something which is helping it rising more and more. MSI is earning really good reviews in the recent years but what tracks it down is its low technical support. But I am quite sure that within few years MSI may reach in the list of top five laptop brands because innovation is the key to success in the IT industry. And the world of gaming is increasing at high rate and there are only few brands that can actually provide such great gaming environment. Here are few features that MSI is bringing up in its latest models:

  • In the world of computer games MSI is surely going to mark some new milestones and here is the reason why- it’s GT83VR has cherry MX speed switches on its keyboard and its GT72S G is the first laptop in the history of all gaming laptops that has integerated Tobi Eye tracking available.
  • Not just gaming laptops it is also rising in the field of workstations.
  • It provides free damage control for certain days after you buy its laptop, which is not available by any other brand.
  • Just because of its low technical support it is lagging behind, or else it would have reached the top 5 list.
  • And though it provides decent designs but not much head turning. So these are the few things it is going to improve within few days and make its way to the top.

8. RAZER: yet another name I the computer gaming department that we you all must have heard. These laptops are really known for their smoothness in case for computer games and with that they also provide all the necessary requirements for normal day works in office or any other area of work. With that they provide gorgeously designed laptop range. Here are a few things which you would like to read about this brand before buying a laptop of it :

  • Slim and easily portable, attractive design
  • Graphics is also good and hence better visual experience while playing games
  • It has VR ready graphic processing unit that gives its laptops a plus point.
  • They usually provide wide display with proper lightening and every other required feature.
  • Latest models have captivating chroma keyboards
  • With such features it also provides good battery life.
  • But something that makes it difficult to purchase is its cost.

9. Microsoft: While being in the laptop producing field just since few years Microsoft has actually performed well enough to be a part of the industry and got ranked under top 10 always. So why will we be on the back seat while deciding the best laptops brands and not putting Microsoft name in the list. However with the lack in more innovation in latest models and limited lineup for laptops, it has been in the lowest ranking. But that doesn’t mean that it is less than any other brand when it comes in providing a quality product. Its models like Surface Pro 4 and Surface book are quite excellent in performance as well as looks. Here are some key features of Microsoft’s finest products:

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is an astonishingly well tablet with light keyboard, has sixth generation central processing unit and bright pixel sense display. Few extraordinary features like sensitive stylus, wider space of memory and storage as compared to the previous models makes it quite adequate for use.
  • Microsoft Surface Book is usually said be better than Microsoft Surface Pro and this one is even compared with iPad due to its awesome features like detachable screen that makes it tablet to laptop and laptop to tablet easily. It has easily portable due to its size, has better battery life (12 hours and more).
  • When compared to iPad, both the laptop tablets by Microsoft are considered better because they can be used as both laptop and tablet and as people say “feels more like a device rather than a bigger version of phone”.

10. Samsung: A brand which has tried its hands in every field of technology seems to be good in laptop production also. But not that good as all the other brands mentioned above.This brand has produced some good range of laptops which will fulfill your basic needs and are very low in prices. Not much technical quality but good enough to last longer and support low level programming. Some of the key features of its latest models are:

  • Crisp and colorful display.
  • Slim and lightweight design, hence easy to carry.
  • Have integrated pens
  • Long battery life

So now if you want to buy a laptop, make sure you buy one which belongs to either one of the brands mentioned above. Just make sure you know your requirements and then get the one which suits you best.

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