Best Ultrabooks for Gaming Best Ultrabooks for Gaming

5 Best Ultrabooks for Gaming 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

When we think of considering gaming with computing, we think of large desktops that come with extra RAM and high graphics. But certainly with advancement in technology, precise and comfortable ultrabooks have been developed which give us the same satisfying gaming experience. Fortunately, every gamers’ dream of playing on laptops that are thin and portable with powerful hardware and integrated graphics is now true with the recent development of Ultrabooks for Gaming. So if you want to play your favorite game like Call of Duty, Street Fighter or any other 4K games with Virtual reality setups without any hindrance, it’s high time you should switch from PC to ultrabooks that will serve as your dream gaming machine. So in this article, we will walk you through some of the coolest, in-budget Gaming Ultrabooks with rich graphic experience.

When we talk about gaming and computing, the first thought comes to our mind is, large desktop systems with SLI/Crossfire graphics cards, double digit RAM and high-end Intel XEON eight-core processors. If you are looking for Best Ultrabooks For Gaming then we have a list of Top 10 Ultrabooks For Gaming.

Our team has invested hours of time while selecting best Ultrabooks Good For Gaming. Luckily, there are more than enough gaming laptops on the market to choose from. For the best PC games at 4K with consistent frame rates, you can expect to shell out over $3,000 for qualifying hardware. Here you’ll find the gaming laptop that’s best for you, from the ever-evolving Asus ROG Strix GL502 to the ostensibly immortal Alienware 17. You can also use Laptops but Ultrabooks For Gaming are the best option.

Ultrabooks are part of an evolving category of very thin and battery-efficient laptops that use processors with low-voltage. Therefore, so that a portable device to be called this way, it necessarily has to possess a low-voltage Intel Core processor, a no thicker than 21mm frame, at least five hours of battery durability, and also lightning-fast boot times. And, with the latest trends of building touchscreen ultrabooks, the category might be seriously diluted. To be continue.

If you like a lightweight Windows notebook, consider obtaining an Ultrabook: an excellent-slim, ultra light laptop that gets from sleep easily. We have examined Best Ultrabooks For Gaming, including individuals with touch-screens and also the latest Intel processors.

Well, there are wide range of ultrabooks available, but what concerns us is to buy which laptop that will serve as best for gaming. Before we begin with the brands, let’s have a look at the features that make ultrabooks best for gaming.

  • The main attribute of any gaming ultrabook is its Graphic Processing Unit and what you should look for is AMD or NVIDIA GeForce GTX-980.
  • Secondly you must consider the heart of ultrabook that is Processor with Intel Core i7 CPU or i5 (minimum).
  • Display size of 15 inch will suit or you may choose for 17 inch display size as well.
  • For gaming ultrabook at least 8 GB of RAM is must along with high SSD and HDD storage.
  • Other features like USB and Thunderbolt ports also serve an important propose while buying gaming ultrabook.
  • Mechanical keyboard and track pad too create the difference.

Below we have selected some top and high rated 5 Best Ultrabooks for Gaming that are worth trying because of its capabilities and dedicated graphics from topmost 5 Ultrabook brands – Apple, Acer, HP, Dell and Asus. Go through them as they will be your dream machines for gaming.

Best Ultrabooks for Gaming 2022

1 : Acer Aspire S7-392 13.3” Inch Slimmest Ultrabook

Acer Aspire S7 can be called as the successor of Acer series as this ultrabook from Acer is the slimmest one that makes it look stylish and elegant. The ultrabook comes with White Gorilla Glass 2 display that makes this model strong and powerful. The screen features 13.3” inch display with high resolution with LED and also has chicklet backlit keyboard that is portable and smooth in touch. With improved graphics this ultrabook has gained long battery life necessary for gamers.

Its pros and cons worth highlighting are-

  • Processor is Intel’s New 5th Generation Core i7
  • Improved battery life of 8.5 hours giving more endurance
  • Receives airborne data three times faster with wireless technology
  • Comes with dual torque hinge
  • Storage of 4 GB RAM and 128 GB SSD
  • Installed with latest Windows 8

Installed with such extensive features, this ultrabook may not be every gamers’ choice because of its limited USB ports it has and is a little expensive too. But the bottom-line is, this light weight and easy-to-carry ultrabook is very cool and quiet and will let you experience gaming at its best.


Well, if you have thought of buying it then just follow the link and enjoy the gaming at its best

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2 : Razer Blade Stealth 13.3″ QHD + Touchscreen Ultrabook

While talking about ultrabooks for gaming, the Razer Blade Stealth definitely is one of the leading guns in the list and gives a tough competition to all other ultrabooks. Well, it easily makes for the best gaming ultrabooks in the market because of the excellent performance that it offers. The Razer Blade Stealth with 13.3 Inch display size is light weight and incredibly thin, and at the same time is sturdy and durable which makes it easily one of the best ultrabooks for gaming. It has super responsive touchpad and white backlit keyboard with precise key presses which aids the gamers to their best capabilities.

top ultrabook for gaming
top ultrabook for gaming

Let’s have a look at its specs-

  • Immensely comfortable keyboard for smooth gaming
  • Effective touch display and 13.3” QHD
  • Amazing screen resolution and enhanced graphics
  • Advanced 7th Gen Intel Core i7-7500U processor
  • Extensive 16GB dual-channel onboard memory
  • Ultra fast 512GB PCIe SSD
  • Comfortable and responsive white backlit keyboard

Apart from above features, what is not so great about this 13.3 inch ultrabook is the battery life and the fact that it heats up marginally fast compared to other ultrabooks and the fan is also not so great. This might pose a problem for the gamers.

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So, if you want to buy this glossy widescreen Razer Blade Stealth with power packed performance and lag-free gaming you can get it.

Impressed by its features and want to play powerful games on it, simply click the link and begin your gaming-

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3 : ASUS Zenbook UX302LA- Best gaming Ultrabook

If you need sleek, light and a powerful ultrabook then ASUS Zenbook is the best choice among gaming ultrabooks that comes with powerful processor and impressive graphic design. It has some of the top notched features and dedicated graphics. It comes with colorful exterior display and Gorilla glass screen apart from usual aluminum lid making it more efficient. It comes with excellent performance and has high storage needed for gaming.

Its pros and cons are-

  • Screen size of 13.3 inch with HD resolution
  • Advanced Intel Core i5 4200U processor
  • 500 GB of HDD and 256 GB SSD
  • Lighting Keyboard and track pad
  • Battery life of 7 Hours
  • 4 GB RAM an NVIDIA dedicated graphics
  • Latest Windows 10

There is nothing actually wrong with this gaming ultrabook from ASUS because with gorgeous screen and impressive performance of its processor, they have succeeded in gaming and wireless technology.

Well, to make it all yours simply follow the link below and experience whole new level of gaming –

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4 : HP Envy Touchsmart 15 Gaming Ultrabook –

Another ultrabook for gaming comes from brand HP that is very impressive in its performance and is of high quality. It is powerful in use, especially for those who are in business of gaming professionally. It will serve as a multipurpose device with powerful hardwares and dedicated graphics. This ultrabook is simple in design and comes with 15 inch display with full HD panel. Also, its chicklet keyboard with lighting and track pad is aptly spaced for smooth gaming.


Its special features includes-

  • Comes with 4th Generation Intel core i7
  • Storage of 8 GB RAM and 750 GB HDD
  • Screen size 15 inch with LED Backlit Touch screen
  • Built in with Windows 8
  • Battery life of 6 Hours
  • Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 960 XM
  • Comfortable keyboard and Great Game performance

Well, if gaming is your priority and budget is no issue then you should go for this series of HP. Though it has many pros but its major disadvantage comes with lack of SSD storage and also its keyboard aptly spaced is uninspiring.

To buy this ultrabook from HP which has impressive touch.

And, to own this ultrabook simply click on the link given below-

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5 : Dell Inspiron 14- 7437 Touch Screen LED Notebook

This 7000 series from Dell is an attractive ultrabook for gaming that is fully stylish and attractive in its design. For those who want gaming ultrabooks, this series will become your premium choice. Though it has some issues with its keyboard and track pad but still is strong in its performance and graphics. It is monochromatic in its look and is also light weight with 14 inch screen display of high resolution.

Let’s have a look-

  • Comes with Intel core i7 4500U Processor
  • Storage of 32GB SSD and 500 GB of HDD
  • Impressive 9 hours of battery life
  • NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M graphics especially for gamers
  • Better Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Backlit Keyboard and LED display
Ultrabooks for Gaming

A well-developed ultrabook, equipped with impressive graphic designing and endurance.

And to buy this Dell Inspiron Touch screen Ultrabook, just follow the link below and enter in the world off gaming-

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Conclusion : So these were 5 Best Ultrabooks for gaming available that are powerful, portable, and sleek in design and above all, packed with strong hardware and graphics. Some though are little expensive but with impressive features are worthy enough to be used by professional gamers. In the end though, the choice is all yours to pick the one that suits your need. Bringing this post to a halt, but do write us for any other query regarding gaming ultrabooks.

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