Welcome Geeks,

Karan Vyas is a 23 year-old, Electronics & Communication Engineer Graduate! Well that’s what his Mark-sheet shows, but what life calls him is a Young Entrepreneur who is in the field of Blogging, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Internet Tricks and Web Development and Design from over 6 years now and is Currently managing his own SEO agency.

So much for a 23 year-old guy, truly! Let’s have a look at his interesting journey!

“There is absolutely no substitute of hard work, work till you have it in you, be positive and believe whatever happens, happens for good – there is nothing stopping you from gaining your share of success!”

How it all started?

It started with the Internet: “While in many cases, Internet just provides a medium for a friend request, at times it can be life saver and turner”, says Karan who remembers his late school time when he first got the glimpse of the huge world of Internet and its earning potential. Being Gujarati, that earning potential was natural but turning this into actual something required some serious hard work. He started blogging in the year 2010 and was learning loads and loads of things; came the year 2011 when he started one of his major blog then which now turned out to be one of the famous Tech Blog iTechColumn.

Once founded iTechColumn, there was nothing stopping him in becoming what we call now as Pro-Blogger. Up along with iTechColumn he learned a lot many things which includes Web Development and all the required languages like HTML5, CSS, CSS3, jQuery and JavaScript, PHP, AJAX, Node.js, AngularJs and a lot more.

And due the course of time, his knowledge caught the space and now Karan Vyas is one of the well-known expert in following fields  ~

  • SEO
  • Blogging
  • WordPress  and other platforms
  • Web Development, Web Design & Hosting
  • Internet tricks

A lot to take, right?!
These things go with the profession but along with this, he maintains equal amount of time for his hobbies and leisure which include listening to music and his passion for football increases every passing day. He loves playing Age of Empires game and watching movies and even has an inclination towards black magic. With so much to his name, it’s no wonder that he loves to play chess game.

“With the flow of time I met some of the best persons of the field, some inspired me, some motivated me, some made me feel envy, but some got along and that’s what the best thing about blogging is, you get a community that last forever.”, says Karan.

Currently, Karan spends most of his time managing this blog SwitchGeek, which encompasses technology.

So, what other projects is Karan Vyas working on?
Karan Vyas is a proud owner of over 50 blogs which ranges in various categories like, Technology, Health, Dating and Relationship, Wiki Profiles, News, Entertainment and you just can’t miss the Sports category he is so much into.

Apart from blogging he is very much into business with an established SEO agency he plans on providing a place, service, knowledge and info to all the newbie bloggers and marketers who want to take a sip from the vast ocean of Internet. He feels he owes it big time to internet and plans on doing something for it and the Internet Tech World.

Contact him via Contact form. Just never stop learning and make the world a better and techier place to live in.