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15 Texting games to play with a Guy & Girl

In this era of smartphones and digital flirting, texting perfectly is utmost important so do check our list of texting games to play. And when it comes to texting your bae, you want a whole new level of awesomeness in you with games to play when texting! The texting games are actually fun and they won’t let your partners lose interest or can avoid the unusual and unnecessary fights. Okay, let’s be real, Flirting is actually fun be it you are from the male side or female side of the relationship. Below listed texting games to play with your boyfriend or girlfriend can be useful to you to spend nights with each other. But this post is exclusively for my female friends, some of the coolest, $exiest and most romantic texting games to play with a guy.

Be it with the one you have a crush on, or with your already boyfriend. To start a new relationship or moving ahead in an older one, texting plays a very vital role. Especially for long distant relationships, where the only way to communicate is through chatting or texting, you need to learn what to say and what not. These are fun games to play while texting for people who get bored.

Looking for Texting Games? With a well-timed dosed message, you may raise the attention of your BF for you. Sending texting and usage of engineering are also excellent, sometimes the only path to keep an extended distance relationship. Considering most of these advantages given by this kind of transmission, you will find increasingly more partners who use these benefits to renew their monotonous relationship.

With the advancement of mobile apps, the biggest irony is – There are more texting apps, that actually the topics to discuss on! Though texting games result in a mixed response, yet you should not underestimate its power in digital flirtation era!! Here are the 15 games to play over texting that girls need to know to actually flirt with your guys that can bring a new spark in the relation. Check it out.

Texting games are useful if you are alone bored and you do not like the normal texting conversation. These texing Games are very interesting. You will feel even closer while enjoying fun texting games. Some of our games are perfect for texting with your girlfriend/boyfriend, while others are for getting to know each other.

Best Texting games to play


Texting games to play with a Guy 1

1 : Romantic Story Builder

This game will be enjoyed by people like me who actually love to make any nonsense stories. Just play the same with your boyfriends! Just start with few words and chance by chance let the game rise and build a whole new story. You can make it more interesting by allowing each party to write just few words, may be 5 or 6. And give around 20 turns to each. And then finally read the whole story!! Try to mould the story into some fairy tale or something even more interesting that you both can connect to. May be like; start with – “There was a girl with a broken heart.” And he may respond as, “Soon she met someone who could tear her pain and make her smile!”

The most important thing here is if you are playing the game with the one you love, you can go as weird as you can with your imaginations. No limits, no boundaries. You can also add up fictional characters and incidences. This can help you know what’s cooking the other side. 😛 The story can go on such a $exy note that might make you fall in love with your partner all over again! This is one of the amazing texting games to play with a girl.

2 : Would You Rather?

‘Would You Rather’ is a classy game that includes a lot of questions with your boyfriend. It’s one of the most interesting ways of text gaming with your guy! In the game, you can actually ask questions and give two similar options and ask your boyfriend to go with the one! You can ask all sorts of questions in order to get one another a bit more. Be sure to give the much similar options that require a lot of thinking.

The questions can be of a type – “In bathtub with me or the cricket match?”, “Me or a Choco slice?”, “Hundreds of kisses or hundred dollars??”

You must know this games to play when texting. This can actually let you know you boyfriend in a funnier way and discuss on things that matter without any ‘fights’! This is one of favorite texting games to play with your crush in naughty mood.

3 : Texting game to play with Girlfriend

Want to go on a Blind Date –

Well, this is simple. Just converse with your guy and ask him to write around 5 places you both could go for a date! Don’t tell each other unless you are sure about the places. Then, simply share the places. There can be a chance for you both mentioning the same old place where you first met. It might be a mall, or a movie theatre, or a restaurant, or may be a night pub. Select that common place and visit it the next day. Who knows that you both could relive the old moments, all over again!!

You can make it livelier by wearing the best of your wardrobe and dress up to look perfect and treat it as if it is really a blind date! If you boyfriend gets lucky, you both might end up the day with a beautiful romantic kiss!! :*

We have listed this game as third as texting games to play with your boyfriend is quite romantic in such game.

Emoji Translation Text Gaming

This is interesting. You only need to make sure that you and your partner have the latest emoji keypad downloaded. All you have to do is combine certain emoji and send each other. Though none of you will actually understand because few emoji do not have any real meaning, but that’s what makes it a more fun game! 😉 Just make a string of emoticons and send. The response will always make you laugh a bit louder.

The fun part is the creativity you can show in the texting. And the most important thing – without any actual conversation, you both can stay engaged in one another for long duration. I guess, that’s what relationship is all about. fun games to play while texting is always fun if you have tried it. Try this to rejoice you lost relation and make it more interesting!! May be you can make a naughty symbol which only he will understand and things might just go onto a different level.

Texting games to play with a Guy 2

Scavenger Hunt through Mobile –

This is a very romantic game. In this, you can actually plan a day out with your boyfriend but without letting him know that exact place at once! Try with the necessary clues and made him realize all the important events that took place between you both. May be you can give him a clue as – “The place we celebrated your birthday, or where we had our first kiss?” Ask him to be there to get his next clue. If it’s difficult for him to guess, you can send him pictures and more clues.

Be sure, not to get angry and spoil the date if he fails to recognize. Give him all the possible clues so as to make it easy for him to guess. Make sure that the destination is your ultimate dating place, may be a restaurant. Hide first and then suddenly surprise him by wearing something he would love to watch you in! If you know what I mean!! It is required to focus for Games to play over texting.

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Come Let’s play Role Play Texting

This is one of the coolest texting games to play with a guy. Well, in any new relationship, directly talking about $ex can be weird. Aah!! But what if you really wish to have one? Simple!! There is a technique called Role Playing, that can let you guys have a chance to initiate something you wish to talk about. Make sure to play some anonymous person and don’t reveal your real identities! You can start as –

You – There was a girl. It was first day of her college, and there she witnesses a tall handsome guy who resembles her dream man!

Your’ Boyfriend – The moment that guy saw her, he immediately fell for her and wish to be with her all the time.

You – What would the guy do if the girl is with him all the time? 😉

Have a fantastic time in Texting games to play with your girlfriend.  Yes! That’s the point where you driven the talk to the extent where you both could start with a loving and $exy conversation without letting your guy actually realize your trick!!

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$exy Texting – Get Naughtier, it’s your time!

Texting games to play with a Guy 3

Well, this ain’t any game but very soon can arouse much of your feelings for your partner. Try asking each other certain questions that can indulge you both into a conversation, that is hot, $exy, sizzling, and more on $ex!

You can ask your partner, some general questions, like “What you wearing right now?” and a series of questions that are more on a $exual zone!! Make sure to investigate your partner’s response. Be sure that you both feel comfortable. It is the Reason Why Everyone Love Fun Texting Games To Play With A Girl. This is considered as dirty games to play while texting.

Time for some Truths and Dares

This is a way more exciting game than it actually sounds. You both can ask each other simple questions. The one who fails to answer would have to chose, truth or a dare! Make sure the questions and dares are of a kind that your partner would feel more engaged to. For truth questions, ask him questions like, “What’s your wildest fantasy?” and the dares can include asking for a picture! But remember to make you partner comfortable and assure each other to delete the pictures soon!

Truth and Dare is one of most popular texting games which you can play online and offline as well. Do you know why Texting Games To Play With Friends Had Been So Popular Till Now? because this is 21st century and everyone loves to play with smartphone.You might find it just one of those classic games that teenagers use to play, but it’s entirely up to you, to what level can you take this thing up. you can play texting games to play with a girl you like, but be careful.

I want to Confess that

Another romantic texting games to play with a guy – The confession game is really simple. The only thing required for you both is to ask simple normal questions and be true to each other while answering. Start with some clean and usual topics and discuss upon it. Confess some deep secrets and try to be comfortable. For example – You ask your guy, “Confess about the things he don’t like while making love!” Cleverly, you can take the discussion or the confessions to the more $exy confessions, may be full of love or lust… Turning to this zone can be a bit horny and you might end up with planning a wild romantic date!!

Strip it out for me <3

Texting games to play with a Guy 4

This game might require a lot more trust on your partner. If you trust you mate, go for this $exiest texting game.

The game starts with asking each other the total number of clothes you wearing including all the little pieces on your skin! Then, you guys ask each other questions, related to your love life. The questions can go as, “Our anniversary date?” or “The place we had our first moment?” The person replying with the wrong answer would have to take off one of the cloth, they wearing! Also, the loser has to send a picture as a proof. Make sure to delete all the images, once the game gets over!

You can also talk and ask questions in between like, “What is actually left baby?” or “I wish I would be there to watch you in the least possible clothes!” This game can let you stay high in love for a much longer duration!!

Song Lyrics Game

Well, in the song lyrics texting game, you and your mate can chat with the song lyrics. First you consider a catchy line and send him and wait for his response! You can also play the game with some rules like the word that you left, your guy have to start from there itself.

At once, this may sound boring, but dear, there are many naughty songs that can help you raise your game to another level. 😉

For Example –

Your’ Boyfriend: “Mujhe Ye Lga, Chahu Bhi Toh Kaise Paa Skunga Tmhe”

You: “Tujhme Rab Dikhta Hai, Yaara Me Kya Karu!”

Well, this can be more romantic by adding more romantic flavors!!

Texting games to play with a Guy 5

Time for 20-20 Questions Texting Game

This is the simplest game among all. Any one person may be you or your boyfriend will select any object and won’t tell the other person about it. The other person has to guess that object while asking at max 20 questions and the response will be in ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

Say, chosen topic is “clothes” and your boyfriend considers “T-Shirt” as the object. Then you might ask him the series of questions as,

“Are you wearing it right now”? “Yes”. “Do you always wear it?” “No”. And a similar set of 20 questions and try to figure out the selected object. After few questions, you can also ask him questions like – “Do I ever wear that cloth of your?” “Yes”. You know, to make it go to deeper level, you can add up related questions! 20-20 questions is Fun texting games to play with your boyfriend when you are in relationship.

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Never Have I

This is a simple game; more came into a lime light with the success of the movie, “Ye Jawani Hai Deewani”. It’s very easy to start up with the game. You have to say the things you never did before! Like – Never have I ever been to a dam!

You can add up interesting things that you want to do with the guy you playing the game with. May be just by saying, ‘Never have I ever made my first move’ and chances are for him to ask you to have one. Bingo!! Mission accomplished. 😉

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Kiss, Marry, Kill Game

This is a funnier game in which you gave your partner or your boyfriend 3 random names and ask him whom would he kiss, whom to marry, and whom he would kill. Just remember to give certain same kind of names! You can use your personal names, be it his or your friends, enemies, or you could also include some silver screen actresses! For example – Ask him, “Whom would you kiss, marry, and kill among, Emma Watson, Angelina Jolie, and Emma Stone?”

His answer might surprise you. You can further add a ‘Why’ question to know his way of considering things. This might help you a lot by way of a fun gaming!

Texting games to play with a Guy 6

Fill in the Blanks –

In this game, you basically ask your partner something regarding yourself and let them all the freedom to reply in their own way! This game is only advisable when you two have been into a relationship for a longer duration so that he knows enough about you and whatever he speaks doesn’t hurt you!! This is indeed, an important aspect.

You can ask him questions like – “I look best when __?” or “When you are in the most romantic mood, you’ll take me to __?” 😉 Well, you should be ready to hear even $exier answers from your mate and you can enjoy the recent feelings you both would encounter! This will also helps you to know the things that you do and he liked the most, or your importance in his life, or what he considers you!!

Conclusion : These were the Best 15 texting games to play with a guy or texting games to play with your girlfriend you can definitely try. There can be many that you might feel you already played before! But dear, you need to realize the fact that these tricks can never go waste. So kindly don’t underestimate the power of these games of breaking the boredom or dull relation and rejoice the relationship with a whole new spark. Also, with these games you can get to know your partner a bit more that can help you to build another and stronger foundation of your love!!

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