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DigitalOcean Coupon Codes $200 for Free 2023

DigitalOcean is a cloud hosting provider that offers simple and affordable cloud computing solutions to individuals and businesses around the world. As an increasingly popular cloud hosting provider, DigitalOcean’s services are known for their reliability, scalability, and affordability. While their prices are already competitive, finding coupon codes for DigitalOcean services can help customers save even more money. In this article, we will discuss how to find DigitalOcean coupon codes, current active coupon codes, how to use them during checkout, and the benefits of using them for your hosting needs.

DigitalOcean is a cloud infrastructure provider that offers simple and cost-effective solutions for developers, startups, and businesses of all sizes. With its user-friendly interface and reliable services, DigitalOcean has gained popularity among the tech community. If you’re planning to use DigitalOcean for your next project, you’ll be happy to know that there are coupon codes available that can help you save money. In this article, we’ll explore the various DigitalOcean coupon codes that are currently available and how you can use them to get the most out of your cloud infrastructure experience.

I personally for my website use VPS hosting, the only reason i avoid shared hosting is because there are multiple websites hosted on same server which use same resources which I feel not that secure while on vps we get complete access on our virtual private server.

Today i will be sharing my experience with one of the most trusted vps hosting brand : Digitalocean. I will be also sharing digitalocean coupons which you can apply in your account and get initial advantage of this amazing host.

The ocean of data, the ocean of information- the true ocean of hosting; well it’s the DigitalOcean Hosting service Provider. With an ever expanding ratio of in and out from past 5 years, being set up in year 2011; DigitalOcean have had been the one stop hosting provider for all the Web Hosting and blogging related requirements. I certainly know you landed on this page for some of the Latest DigitalOcean Coupon Codes, but why don’t we make this moment as the one to solve your every DigitalOcean related query ? Up along with DigitalOcean Promo Codes, let me also give you a review about

DO Hosting service including their plans and features. Digitalocean is VPS hosting provider. They do have many hosting servers worldwide which makes them more better than other vps services. I am personally using Digitalocean for my 70% of websites because it fulfills all requirements a running website must have. Since i am a long time DO user, so i can get you latest Digitalocean Coupons which working and can get you $100, $200 credited to your account. Additionally, DigitalOcean occasionally runs promotional campaigns that offer discounts or free credit for new users, which can be found on their website or through their social media channels. It is important to note that coupon codes may have expiration dates and usage restrictions, so be sure to check the terms and conditions before using them.

DigitalOcean $200 Promo Code

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DigitalOcean always provides a coupon for new customers that will credit at least $10 for each account. To use DigitalOcean coupon, you must verify your account when register by adding PayPal or Visa/Master Card information. Once apply DigitalOcean Promo Code, you will get $10 into your account immediately. This amount equals to two months period of VPS $5/month package with 512MB RAM.

You must type Promo Code / Coupon right after verify your account. Each account can use coupon and promo code once only. You can also see the last coupon on the Billing page. In some countries, DigitalOcean does not accept Visa/Master Card due to security reason, Paypal is the best alternative for Billing problem.

Digitalocean is a well-known cloud service provider that can increase the performance of your website substantially, from faster disk IO performance. The minimum monthly payment as low as $5.

Advantages of Using DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting

  • It’s easy to use – their online and user-friendly interface and dashboard is top-notch!
  • It’s economical – You can start at $5 per month and upgrade as you need.
  • It’s faster – SSD hard drives are hosting your server files.
  • Powerful yet simple – It’s for developers and intermediate website owners.

You can start hosting with DigitalOcean for FREE with their promotions.

SSD Cloud Server

DigitalOcean is one of the trusted service providers in the world and popular for its security. It also has high-performance SSD Drives for you.

It’s easy to manage and simple control panel can help you to have great websites easily.

One-Click Install Apps

With one-click install, easy to install applications on your cloud server. When creating a droplet within a minute.

Free $100 Digitalocean Coupon code for your account now :

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Black Friday Digitalocean VPS Review – Why we giving Free Digitalocean Coupon $200

How is DigitalOcean as a Web Host – Does it solve my every problem regarding Hosting?

Well, the answer is certainly, Yes! DigitalOcean or simply DO solves all your Hosting related problems, let’s have a look at some of its most exciting features.

  • DigitalOcean calls its Cloud Servers as “Droplets”, which as promised by them is deployed within 55 seconds.
  • Their Cloud Servers are built upon hex core machines, with dedicated ECC RAM and RAID SSD Storage.
  • DigitalOcean provides you the usage of IPv6 which is the latest version of Internet Protocol Usage.
  • Floating IPs is another one of the most exciting feature which is provided by DigitalOcean. This feature helps you redirect your traffic from any of their Cloud Servers, thus ensuring a complete uptime.
  • DigitalOcean provides a multiple user feature, which will help you in sharing of the resources whilst username and password sharing can be avoided.
  • Digitalocean Provides one click wordpress Installation, Obviously that comes with $10 plan but it makes very comfortable for every newbie.
  • Availability of both Apache and Nginx web server, so you can use whatever you are attached.
  • Complete control over your site and over your server as you get your own personal ip for your server.

We have looked for some of the best features of DigitalOceans, but Pros without Cons seems like cheating, so let’s follow honesty and tell you some of the valid cons of DO Hosting Service.

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Limitations or Cons of using DigitalOcean Hosting Service

Well there aren’t many cons of DigitalOcean service but never the less, there are always some limitations. Actually DigitalOcean is not a true cloud! Now what does being a true Cloud means? Well, the content is not auto-backed up between various data centers of DigitalOcean. But do you know what actually a good thing is, the data is not backed up automatically but I never said you can’t do it manually.

Digitalocean do not come with cPanel which comes handy with 1 click installations of scripts and database and GUI. It’s CLI based. Which means you have to do work with commands over command terminal such as putty or other terminal which can be done mostly from programmer.

Now one such con to DigitalOcean what I think is the fact that support is quiet limited. If things goes south, it’s basically on you on how to get the things get going better. But as the prices are so low of DigitalOcean, one doesn’t actually gets to complete. Do he?

Now as we have looked, at some of the Best Advantages and Disadvantages of using DigitalOcean, and before we jump to DigitalOcean Coupon Codes and Promo Codes part, it will be only fair to discuss the pricing details as well.

Get free $200 in your Account Now

DigitalOcean Hosting Pricing 2023 and Features

In Mid of 2023, Digitalocean changed their pricing and has added double memory in same plans, like previously $5 plan used to offer 512mb ram, their latest plans give 1gb ram in same $5 plan, so it is one of the best step they took since their alternatives linode and vultr provides the same.

DigitalOcean certainly can be termed as one of the most cheapest and inexpensive hosting service. Providing you with 5 working plans, one can easily make a choice on what they want to include and which Plan can support their project in the best possible manner.

It’s not as if they have just bifurcated the plans, but one extremely noticeable thing is the division that they have made, between the Plans. It’s just fantastic. Why don’t you yourself have a look on the Pricing and Features Tag?

Digitalocean Pricing 2

Enabling Backups in DigitalOcean and its Extra Charges

Yup this is one such thing, that you need to take care of- the extra price you have to make to have your backups, now there is a little thing that you must do to switch your backup on, so have a look on how to do that?

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To enable backups of a Droplet :

Step 1: Go to DigitalOcean Control Panel.

Step 2:  Click on the Backups link on the sidebar of the Droplet’s page.

Step 3: Click the blue Enable Backups button.

It’s done.

The pricing to understand the backup is no rocket science, all you have to do is pay 20% of your existing plan. For example : Backup of a Droplet of $20 will cost you $4 per month.

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DigitalOcean VSP vs Godaddy Hosting? Which one is Best?

There are several reasons why you should consider using DigitalOcean VPS over GoDaddy hosting.

Firstly, DigitalOcean VPS provides better performance and reliability compared to GoDaddy hosting. DigitalOcean has a reputation for providing fast and stable servers, with guaranteed uptime of 99.99%. In contrast, GoDaddy hosting has been known to experience frequent outages, slow load times, and poor performance.

Secondly, DigitalOcean VPS is more flexible and customizable than GoDaddy hosting. With DigitalOcean, you have complete control over your virtual server, including the ability to choose your own operating system, install custom software, and configure your own security settings. GoDaddy hosting, on the other hand, provides a more limited set of features and customization options.

Thirdly, DigitalOcean VPS is more cost-effective than GoDaddy hosting. DigitalOcean offers a variety of pricing plans that are designed to fit different needs and budgets, with prices starting as low as $5 per month. In contrast, GoDaddy hosting can be quite expensive, especially if you need to upgrade to a higher-tier plan to get the features you need.

Overall, if you’re looking for a reliable, flexible, and cost-effective hosting solution, DigitalOcean VPS is a great choice.

DigitalOcean Coupon Codes and Promo Codes – Special Discounts

Comes the time, which you were all waiting for, some of the Best Workable DigitalOcean Coupon Codes 2023. The coupon codes provided will range on the savings you might get on Hosting Plans, Free Credits, Sign up Discounts and Credits etc. Have a look and let us know in the comments, how many of the worked for you.

DigitalOcean Coupon and Promo Codes with 70%+ Success Rates

The following codes are well tested and they works 4 out of 5 times on an average. So have a look at some of the DigitalOcean Sign up Discount Codes, Free Digitalocean Credit Coupon Codes, Digitalocean VPS Hosting Promo Codes and a lot more.

Digitalocean Coupon Codes 2023

Digitalocean Coupon $25 Code: CODEANYWHERE

>> Get up to $25 Credit when you Sign up

Digitalocean Coupon $25 Code: 9d0a990169be

>> Get up $25 credit.

Digital Ocean Coupon $100 Code: LOWENDBOX / DOPRODUCT15

>> Get a credit of $15

Digitalocean Coupon $10 Code for SSD Servers : FRANKFURT

>> $10 Off if your server is SSD based.

Free Digitalocean $200 Coupon Code: DEPLOY10 / ACTIVATE10 / DONEWS

>> Get a free $10 Credit to Start

Digitalocean Promo Free Credit Code: ab3431b75597

>> Get a $10 Credit

Digitalocean Coupon $50 Code: BITNAMI

>> Get $10 off for a brand new account

Digitalocean $10 Coupon Code: 312bfbaf0436 / ef02b108bdfd

>> Get $10 off for registering for new accounts

DigitalOcean Coupon Codes With Less that 70% Success Percentage

Well this section of codes, are tested but are often seen working and not working in almost the same ratio. Now if you will be lucky, you will get them going. So here I am providing you with all those codes, and the rest depends up on your luck.

DigitalOcean $200 Coupon Code 2023

You can get Digitalocean $50 coupon if you are student. To get Digitalocean coupon code for $50 you have will required just education email id using which you will get github student account. Then log in to github and you will see various free services, out of them you will see digitalocean $50 coupon code, get it.

DigitalOcean $100 Coupon Code 2023

Digital Ocean had started distributing the $100 coupon codes since April. However, these were very few in number and due to limited coupon codes, they got over soon. But don’t worry! In case you are looking for $100 coupons, you can contact us by dropping a comment in the comment section. We’ll be glad to be of help to you!

Digitalocean $100 Promo code : Check out

So how were these? I am sure one or the other one will truly fulfill your need of Digitalocean Coupon Codes. Well we by far have discussed, some of the best features of DigitalOcean VPS hosting, its Cons too and then, its pricing and Backup features. I don’t recommend DO hosting on just these grounds, but also because of its awesome Third Party Integrations.

How to redeem coupon codes during checkout

To redeem a DigitalOcean coupon code during checkout, follow these steps:

  1. Add the desired DigitalOcean service or product to your cart.
  2. Navigate to the checkout page.
  3. Enter the coupon code in the designated field.
  4. Click “apply” to see the discount reflected in your total price.

It is important to note that there may be restrictions or limitations on coupon code usage. Some coupon codes may only be applicable to certain services or products, while others may have usage restrictions such as a limit to the number of times it can be used per account or per user. Additionally, some coupon codes may have expiration dates or be limited to specific geographic regions. Before using a coupon code, make sure to read and understand the terms and conditions associated with the code.

Third Party Integrations of DigitalOcean which makes it +1 from Other Hosting Providers

With CoreOS

The integration of DigitalOcean with CoreOS helps he users to optimize the deployment of Server Clusters. Using this the users can deploy the Applications run in Docker Software Containers.

With Bitbucket

Well if you are a Developers that use Bitbucket as their code hosting service, then, in that case, you can deploy directly to DigitalOcean’s server using Bitbucket’s user interface.

With Bitnami

Bitnami is software package and environment provider. And if you are wondering what might be those environments that they are, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Redmine etc. Using this integration of Bitnami and DigitalOcean, users can in all access the Bitnami’s library of applications and stacks and deploy them to their DigitalOcean server.

Conclusion: So geeks, Let me first tell you i have hosted my 70% websites on digitalocean because of amazing features we have listed above. Hope you got your answer to the basic query set of using DigitalOcean. Let me know in the comments if there is any other topic or Hosting related issue that you want me to explain. Also if in any case Coupons are not applicable, feel free to post any query you like. Catch you soon with some other tech topic. Happy Blogging!

  1. Thanks for the coupons. DigitalOcean is one of the best web hosting for people who know a bit about technology and programming.

    1. It is the best option even if you don’t know much about technology as now you can avail the managed DigitalOcean hosting server which is powered by Cloudways. They will ensure you a hassle-free web hosting experience. You can check the features of this hosting server

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