Best Speakers for House Party Best Speakers for House Party

7 Best Speakers for House Party

Nowadays socializing is the new trend, where individuals are going out of their way and meeting new people and establishing connections. And parties especially house parties have become the most popular way to socialize, so a lot of parties are being thrown and attended by the party lovers all over. Usually house parties were being thrown due to some special purpose, but today for organizing a house party, you don’t really need a solid reason. From birthday to breakup, whatever may be the reason of you party, let me tell you that for a successful house party, apart from great food and mesmerizing drinks, rocking music is also the key element. For a good party, music is essential and for good music, the right set of speaker is necessary. Have a look at the Top 7 Best Speakers for House Party.

For a great party, you’ll need great sounding music. You’ll need the best party speakers. That’s easy. The difficult part is locating the best party speakers at the best price. There are a lot of celebration speakers to choose from. That’s the hard part. And we’re here to assist. We’re the party speaker experts.

First, is the sound system wired or Bluetooth enabled? This may decide when you can use wireless Bluetooth party speakers? Think about area? Area may determine how big is party speakers that you might want. Have you got room for major party speakers? Another important concern is whether you want rechargeable party speakers. And what is your allowance? We’ve made it simple for you to review functions and find the top party speakers which can be just right for you.

So here we are with a list of the best speakers that would make your cozy abode party an unforgettable one.

Amazing 7 Best Speakers for House Party

1 : SoundLogic XT Wireless Bluetooth Indoor and Outdoor Party Speaker

The first speaker that we are suggesting you, is something you can’t miss out as it will suit best for your house party and even if you have arranged a Barbeque, then these speakers won’t disappoint you. They have a built in rechargeable batteries and sub-woofers giving it a heavy bass potential. And so you can go with them with one go. Also these set of speakers are so much portable that you can carry it around on your shoulders with the help of an extra shoulder strap given and start jamming out. Along with these features they also possess Bluetooth connectivity with Android phones, iPhones and even tablets.

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A Quick Look on its Features:

  • Dimensions- 5.5x 10x 5.5 inches
  • 27- 33 feet of Bluetooth range
  • It can play up to 1.5 hours if played on maximum volume and 4 hours on moderate volume
  • Rechargeable battery with 3.7V/100MA
  • Speaker output of 2x 2 Watts and additional of 1x 5 Watts due to sub-woofer
7 Best Speakers for House Party 1

Buy now : SoundLogic XT Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

2 : JAM Party Wireless Boom Box HX- P730GY

Are you looking for a speaker that gives the superior most bass performance? If yes then the Wireless Boom Box is the ideal speaker set for you. It comes with four stereo speakers. Yes you read that right, four out of which 2 are active while the rest two are passive which deliver their best bass performance. These speakers by HMDX will accompany you from pool side parties to a party organized outdoors, as they come with integrated handle and so can be transported easily, on the go. It can entertain you for non-stop 12 hours due to lithium ion battery which can be recharged.

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Wireless Boom Box at its Best-

  • Dimension- 8.5x 2.6x 2.75 inches
  • Works on rechargeable battery and even on AC power cord
  • Built in Bluetooth ranging up to 30 feet
  • Powerful and rechargeable battery
  • Line-in to connect the non-Bluetooth device
  • Smartphones, iPhones, iPads, iPods, and even Bluetooth enabled desktops, notebooks and tablets work with HMDX Wireless speakers.
7 Best Speakers for House Party 2

These set of Boom Box will suit your unique sense of style the best as it occurs in variable colors of blue, pink, grey and yellow. Just carry them to your next gig and show off your Party speakers and carry out an enthralling Jamming session.

If you have made up your mind to rock the upcoming party with speaker from HMDX, then just visit the below link:

Buy now : JAM Party Wireless Boom Box HX

3 : Sol Republic Deck

What about a speaker that creates sound in 360 degree creating music and beats that can make your guests skip a beat. With an insane set of specifications, no other Bluetooth enabled speaker can reach it. Even without a hitch you can hear to the music by moving away 200 feet from the device. Isn’t that a great distance. It also gives you a chance to become a DJ with your friends as it can pair with about five different devices. With Bluetooth or NFC pairing, Sol Republic Deck comes with speakerphone so that hands free calling is possible. To boost your sound and make it hearable from further distance, you just have to hit upon the Outdoor Mode button.

Highlighting its Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 1.2x 3.8x 7.4inches
  • Easy pair Bluetooth
  • NFC compatibility
  • Can be charged through mini USB cable
  • Driven by R2 sound engines along with bass port
  • Battery life of 22.5 hours
7 Best Speakers for House Party 3

This alien looking device comes in handful of colors like lime yellow, vivid red, horizon blue, electro blue and black. It is wide but with a flat surface making it effectively portable. You might not appreciate its bass response, but mind you when its Boost mode is on you cannot stop yourself from dancing to the loud and clear vocals created by it.

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Get your lemon lime deck from amazon by following the given link:

Buy now : Sol Republic Deck – One of best Speaker for Home party

4 : Shark Boombox

The SHARK brand has brought for all the savvy shoppers a high performing and well-designed speaker. It comprises of a powerful 10Watt Bluetooth speaker with which you can raise the roof. A rechargeable lithium ion battery that can rock your party with grooving music for about 18 continuous hours. Compared to its contemporaries, it’s just half their prize. With the cutting edge features like NFC compatibility and latest Bluetooth technology. About 10 Watts of sound can be experienced from this super sleek structure as it comes with two speakers of 5Watt each.

Pay Attention to these Features:

  • Dimensions: 7.4x 2.3x 2.7
  • Photo-resistant sensors that illuminate the buttons in dark
  • Portable with easy set up
  • Comes with HQ mic which is built in and allows you take and make calls
  • You can also enjoy all the smartphone functionalities like Android voice or “Siri.”
  • AUX function allows external media connection through cable
7 Best Speakers for House Party 4

SHARK is an unbeatable choice for all those who love to give a soothing house party with subtle music. These speakers are thus the best option as they give out a deep sound experience. One can experience the premium product quality with exceptional low price tag.

Buy now : Shark Boombox – House party bluetooth speaker

5 : Creative D100 (Pink)

It is one of the good looking speaker up till now and is just right for those who don’t want their speaker to be just heard but also wants it to get noticed. Yes, the last in our list is a pinky device which comes with an extra bit of stylish looks in the same cost and equal portability just like the above listed. With a Bluetooth pairing button on its front side and an inlet for 5 volts AC power on its back side. Forget worrying about the chords as you can enjoy music a variety of Bluetooth enabled devices and even through a MP3 player as it comprises of an incorporated AUX port.

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Have a look on its features:

  • Dimensions: 5.28x 15.56x 5.08inches
  • Stream music up to 10 meters
  • Powerful 3” drivers
  • 4 powerful AA batteries powers the speaker
  • AUX port can also be used for wired connection and portable devices can be connected
  • An incredible play time of about 25 hours, and it owes to the series of cheap alkaline battery.
7 Best Speakers for House Party 5

Get this coolest and stylish looking speaker, with double benefits. Along with awesome sound quality which would make your male friends jealous, its pink color with trendy looks can even impress your female friends.

Buy now : Creative D100 – best bluetooth party speaker

6 : Jabra Solemate Mini

Jabra brings you one of its best speakers which is designed in such a way that you can take it anywhere with you. A perfect travelling companion for all music lovers. Yes it is Mini in size but the sound it produces will give you Goosebumps and give you a feeling as if you are partying in a club. Totally resilient, it is resistant to dust and splash as it is coated with rubber all over its body which protects it from all kinds of physical stress like scrapes and bumps. With high level of durability, Jabra Solemate Mini also comes with easy pairing, long playback time and integrated cable. Let’s have a look-

Some of the features are:

  • Dimensions: 5.91x 3.07x 3.5inches
  • 2 front facing speakers producing full range sound
  • Wireless Bluetooth and NFC connectivity till 33 feet
  • Rechargeable battery with 8 hours of maximum music playback
  • Charged through USB cable; 3.5mm audio jack for wired connections
7 Best Speakers for House Party 6

You don’t have to think twice in picking this device for your next party. Believe me after listening to this Jabra, you will surely become its Jabra fan. You get them in multiple colors, so just choose your favorite one and experience how Mini take sound to an all new level.

Buy now : Jabra Solemate Mini – best small sized speaker

7 : Logitech UE Mini Boom

Now we are introducing to you one of the most powerful and convenient audio boom box- the Logitech UE Mini Boom. Just like its name, it produces huge sound which is quite unexpected after looking at its surprising smaller size. It is compact yet produces deep and crystal clear high bass. You can even add a second speaker with the help of an app called the UE MINI BOOM which can connect Android and iOS devices. With a rechargeable battery of Lithium ion, you can use these speakers to pump out music for 10 hours non-stop. So now you can play your favorite tracks all the time.

Logitech UE Mini Boom Comes With:

  • Dimension- 11.1x 6.7x 6.1cm
  • Bluetooth range of about 50 feet
  • For greater stereo sound, can be connected with another device without wire
  • 2 Lithium ion rechargeable cells
  • 130Hz- 20kHZ frequency range with 86dB sound level
7 Best Speakers for House Party 7

With three vibrant colors like red, green and black, the UE Mini Boom produces some jaw dropping music that can make your party memorable and you will outshine amongst your friends as the best party host. With crystal clear speakerphone, simple controls and bold sound, you can make it a companion for your life time parties.

What are you waiting for, go and get your new set of speakers in best price.

Buy now : Get Logitech UE Mini Boom – Best party speaker with Light

Conclusion : Picking the right speaker out of hundreds of option is tricky. But we have selected the best seven so that you can compare between them and choose the best for yourself. And once you have made your mind then just send out those funky Facebook invites of your house party which will be bumping all night, all thanks to your new set of speakers. Hope our compilation of the best house party speakers just crank up the volume at your party and all your guests enjoy and dance all night long.

So keep partying and jamming with your friends.

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