7 Best and Fastest Android Launchers 2018

Fastest Android Launchers

Do you want to beautify your Android phone? If you answered yes, you’ve come to the right place since we’ve compiled a list of the finest and quickest Android Launchers that will make your basic smartphone more beautiful and customised. Android launchers, on the other hand, are designed to make your Android phone look more customizable and user-friendly. They allow you to take use of the plethora of stunning themes and icons available after installing a launcher. You will then have complete control over your mobile device’s functionality. So, if you’re seeking to install an Android Launcher, I’m sure you want it to be quick to load, speedy, and have a great user interface. Be with me, geeks; I’ll be with you telling you some of the collest and fastest Android Launchers 2022

Now you might be thinking what exactly are these launchers? Well, Android Launchers are nothing but sort of apps using which you can customize the home screen of your phone, its icons, and fonts along with user interface. You can even tweak between many windows using the launchers. In short, installing these launchers, you are redesigning the interior of your device exactly the way you want to. These are Fastest Android launchers for Android OS. Currently all over world android is most used mobile OS. With this android launcher also can be used with Fastest android launchers for Slow phones. One of the main advantage of our listed fastest android launchers for jellybean, gingerbread, and lollipop.

So, just in case you are thinking that customizing and styling your device with Android Launchers will narrow the speed of your smart phones, then you need not worry, as here we are listing top 7 Android launchers that come with a bundle of stylish features and are super fast too. Have a look at experience out of the box software for your boring phones. So let’s check out fastest lightweight android launchers.

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Action Launcher 3- Best launcher for android 2018

Action Launcher has always been favorite of all the Android users and definitely tops the list with its bang on features making it fastest android launcher.

Among the most impressive ways to personalize your smartphone is to use a launcher. Launchers permit you to take advantage of tons of habit Android topics and icons, in addition to offering near complete control on how your phone performs when switching screens.

Though in looks, it is almost similar to Android but with several unique and attractive features. It allows you to change the paradigm of your interface and its best part is that it makes swiping over screen easily. It comes with diversity in its features that includes-

  • Comes with Quick Drawer which is a left hand side bar that allows you easy swiping and accessing the apps easily by arranging in alphabetical order.
  • The feature of Covers or Direct Action button present in it groups the similar apps within a single folder.
  • Quick search option to quickly search your photos and music files while its Quick theme option gives you the idea to select from various themes that suits your background.
  • Hide your status bar using Launcher settings and has a hidden home screen with Quick page feature.
  • Use live wallpapers as well as change the fonts from different Roboto variants available.
  • It is compatible with every Android OS, and its upgraded version comes with Shutters and covers as well.

Few if its Cons-

No doubt it is one of the most innovative and fastest android launcher, but at the same time, it creates a little trouble with disadvantages like-

  • It is little confusing in use as how to arrange icons using covers and shutters and to design its layout becomes tedious.
  • Updating it to its Pro version is also not easy as it comes with in-app purchase on Google Play, which you will have to buy by paying an amount of $4.99 to $9.99, as its free version is not flawless and powerful enough. check: iOS Emulator for Windows

Fastest Android Launchers 1

But to enjoy excellent performance of your device this app is fast and best with its ingenious features. You can get it now from Play Store following the link – Get Action Launcher

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You can customize just about anything with these launchers like changes of screens, icons, fonts types, and size also. It also provides a lot of widgets to complete a pleasant experience for the user. There are many launchers on Google Play retailer which can be quickly and changes the overall connection with the phone for android users. So let’s check some of the fastest android launchers 2018.

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Apex Launcher – Most Iconic launcher

Well, second in the list comes with another innovative launcher called as Apex launcher that has remained favorite for many for very long time. Almost similar to Android in looks but some extraordinary features make it iconic. You can get it for free unlike Action Launcher though its Pro Version is also available. You can use plenty of icons on the home screen with smooth scrolling, making it work fast and can even use transition animations making it stylish. It comes with many icon packs and themes to select from.

Fastest Android Launchers 2

Its pros and cons include-

  • Arrange home screen according to grid size which is easily customizable.
  • You can hide your apps with its Drawer option in the setting
  • Scroll docks smoothly with transition effects and even works with tablets.
  • Easily back up with its Launcher settings to restore your previous options
  • Map actions like Show Notifications, go to default screen with easy swiping to top and bottom

If you do not upgrade to its Pro Version, certain features might not be available for you, like unlimited drawer tabs and Apex Notifier extension and to buy it from in-app purchase you need to pay $4.49 to access its other features.

So to make your device pretty stable and customized install it by following the link below – Get Apex Launcher

CM Launcher – fastest android launchers

Fastest Android Launchers 3

This launcher is new in the market and can be considered as a launcher that you must try to customize your Android device. Its best part is that it will go very well with the storage capacity of your phone making it a light weight launcher but with great features of interest. Its highlighting specs is the anti virus protection that is built in it, that secures your device making it fast and safe.

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Its pros includes

  • Gets downloaded within 2 MB of storage hence is light, fast as well as stable
  • Its most important feature is its Direct Integration with CM Security against threats.
  • Easy to use as it comes with basic designs and themes.
  • Has smart folders to maintain your apps in one place with innovative icons.


Though it is used by a large number of users, it lacks in its battery saving mode as using this launcher, the battery of our device drains misleadingly.

But apart from that if you want to try its basic features which are easy to use, you can install it from the link – Get CM Launcher

GO Launcher EX- One of the Most Popular Launcher

Well, this launcher gives tough competition to other launchers as it is one of the most popular launchers among Android users. This one is the best if you want to completely change the look of your device. You will be fully satisfied using this one because of the simplicity and intensive themes it offers you. This too comes with icon packs which are very over rated. So if you want to customize your phone at its best go for this another fast launcher.

Its eye-catching features include-

  • 3D Transition effects or Animation
  • Icon packs with various fonts
  • Customized grids with stylish icons
  • Supports gesture and infinite swiping over Home screen
  • Increase desktop size up to 10 rows and columns
  • Disable the status bar or icons not in use

Besides rendering so many extensive features, it has a major setback – as using this launcher pops up ads and third-party apps constantly and also lacks glaring effect on screen.

It is available for free, but you can upgrade it to the new version by the app purchase paying $5.99. You can install it on your device to enjoy its features by following the link below- Get Go launcher

Fastest Android Launchers 4

Launcher 8- Best Windows Launcher for Android

Thought of buying a Windows phone but could not own it? Well then try this because this launcher solely serves this purpose as it will convert your Android phone into Windows phone. It is another hot launcher for Android users with bundles of customizable features that are free to use. By installing this launcher, you can convert your widgets into the style followed by Windows phone, and it will let you virtually create the experience of working on Windows phone only.

Fastest Android Launchers 5

Its pros and cons highlighted are-

  • Includes colored Tiles on white and black background
  • Use separate widget pages
  • Simple and appealing to look
  • Very User-friendly interface
  • Has app drawer along with similar icons that of Windows phone
  • Setting up of this launcher is difficult
  • Creates problem while organizing colored and live tiles

Well, if you want to try working on windows phone instead of Android than this “WinDroid” launcher can be tried out. You can install it from – Get Windows Launcher

Next Launcher 3D Shell- best android theme launcher

Fastest Android Launchers 6

This launcher stands out of all other Android Launchers because this one is a 3D launcher and is a unique one. To experience 3D animation and 3D styling home screen, this launcher will let you scroll your tab or screen very quickly and fast to any other home screen you have created.

It is a stunning launcher and far ahead of other because of its features like-

  • Comes with flashy 3D animations and transitions
  • Tap[ping any application will create ripples on screen
  • Comes with unique layouts of icons and widgets with various attractive themes
  • Use live wallpapers with different themes
  • Folders to organize icons according to sizes

Well, it comes for free but to experience all its highly collaborated features, you will have to pay a prize of $16.99 that makes it the most expensive of all launchers. Also trying out its 3D effects will make you use many intense resources.

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But even its 3D technology does not let this launcher lack behind in its speed as it is fast and smooth in functioning. So if you want to try the launcher get it now from link- Get Next Launcher

Smart Launcher 3 

This Smart Launcher for Android users is the simplest styling launcher that is easy and fast in its use. It is commonly known for its Spin Style recent app menu, the feature that makes it rising in the list of launchers. If you have a small screen size then this launcher is at its best as this contains single home screen with certain short cuts arranged in stylish flower pattern. This arrangement allows you to swipe your different icons quickly.

Fastest Android Launchers 7

Its features are as follows-

  • Notifications pop up on your home screen
  • Bundles of different themes are available for use
  • Transitional effects and style is unusual
  • Includes app drawers and icons that are customizable
  • Is fast and has password protected applications too

This launcher too like CM launcher drains a lot of battery because of its some extra features that it offers and also the feature of notification doesn’t work for some of the users.

So speed up your device by installing Smart Launcher 3 by simply following the link- Get Smart Launcher 3

Conclusion: No doubt there are tons of Fast Android Launchers available for users but above mentioned are fastest android launchers, and also it does not make your phone hanged. To make a choice easy for you, we have handpicked some of the Fastest Android Launchers that are worth to use. They are quite recommended ones if you want to customize your device and want to have full control over its interior designing. So avoid any hassle and just use these Android Launchers that are best for you. Happy Launching!

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