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Tinder Alternatives

Gone are the days of traditional dating where you have to look for your partner, have to plan and then approach with a relatively high-risk factor of getting a slap! Just kidding! You could have been really good at it, but with the coming up of Online Dating service like Tinder, the whole scenario just changed. Today in this post we will be talking about some of those tinder alternatives that you might not know. But you wish you knew. There are certain apps like Tinder which does the exact same job like tinder. So we will be looking at all those tinder alternatives and all those dating apps like Tinder!

Tinder Alternatives

Tinder vs Apps like Tinder?

Well, you landed on this page, you must have thought about the prospects that you will surely get a better dating app like Tinder or some apps like Tinder for hookups. I see you are bored already with tinder. Tinder certainly did outmatch the Match.com, and made dating simpler and more of a fun activity. Also from its inception in the year 2012, Tinder has had gained some massive popularity. But with the coming up of Tinder +, a paid feature, people now are looking for apps like Tinder. And not just adults but Apps like Tinder for teens are also circling around.

There’s no denying that dating applications aren’t any longer a tendency, but a means of life for most. Though 50 million people use Tinder each month, there’s still something off-putting about this. Fortunately, you can find literally numerous other related programs that also provide you with access to a massive dating pool. Here are a few alternatives to think about.

It’s an excellent dating app but people are always hungry for something new and Tinder is unavailable for some places so that people search for alternatives that are local and supplies them with the local suggestion. Tinder is the fastest growing dating program and its growth is unthinkable.

Tinder is one of the most used and popular dating application available for Android and iOS Smartphones. But you have to use Facebook to connect with Tinder. Due to this limitation, users are searching for Tinder Alternatives.

But due to this extensive usage, the system cares for several flaws in it. For safety and perspective to be safe from the controversies, we suggest that consumers should switch to some other reputable alternatives of this Tinder App.

Datings apps these days would be cool. Not that people didn’t already connected via social media sites, there are now a summary of dating applications offered to us. Tinder has been one of the best dating programs.

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Thus there is must need of looking at some of the coolest tinder alternatives without Facebook rather without Facebook integration.

Best Apps Like Tinder for Dating?

From UK to EU to Asia to the US, OkCupid is almost everywhere. OkCupid can very easily be kept at no. 1 spot as a Tinder Alternative, which is available at both Android and iOS. OkCupid is now naïve in the industry as this dating app dates back to 2004. It has whole loads of similarity to Tinder, like the sweep feature. But OkCupid as a tinder alternative outruns it on the basis of its flexibility. OkCupid brings you lot more in the form of features and filtering. You get an incognito mode where you can filter your partner on the basis of hobbies and appearance.

The free version incorporates all of the features, but in case you wish to jump the line, and want to be seen as a priority, you can always pay some amount and get the better version.

Install: Android, iOS (Free, Premium subscription starts at $9.99/month)

Coffee meets Bagel – dating apps like tinder

Next to OkCupid, in the list of Tinder Alternatives I am going to keep Coffee meets Bagel aka “CMB”. This is one of those tinder alternatives without Facebook that I told you before starting the list! Keeping it just next to OkCupid, the reason is CMB really amuses me. Thing 1, it is a really great concept, the way it is designed. You cannot just get bored with this app. Thing 2, it tops the list of dating apps like tinder without Facebook. CMB is one of those apps where you will get more females then there are males. Possibly because CMB is run by three sisters. Also when it comes to privacy and security. CMB outshines possibly every other apps like tinder.

Though if you want to count one con, it will be its slow pace. You really need to have a good amount of patience while using Coffee meets Bagel, but I guess on “Bagel” a day is enough. Actually every day at noon you get a partner, which in the language of CMB is called “bagel”. These bagels are not just some random picks, but are the ones as per your preference and the ones who have mutual friends with you.

You can like or pass your bagel, as per your wish, but the time allotted for this is 24 hours. If you like you Bagel and your Bagel likes you back, you get a private meeting place moreover a chat room where you can talk and finalize the other things.

This App of course is free, but in case you want more than one Bagel, then you have to pay for it.

Install: Android, iOS (Free with in-app purchases)

Happn – apps like tinder for teens

Third on our list is Happn. And when we are talking about tinder alternatives and possibly apps like tinder for teens, Happn can just be your thing. It is very very much like Tinder, so if you are like addicted to tinder but want something similar, you can pick Happn. The terminology is similar too, for eg if you like someone and they like you back it will be called as a crush and then you can very much start your conversation.

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There is an added feature which is called a charm feature, though of course for more charms you have to either pay or have to invite your friends. Happn is based on the methodology that whenever you pass someone physically who has happns, they come in your circle. Again an interetsing thing, but unless you live in a big city it is hard for you to find someone so frequent of Happn.

Install: Android, iOS (Free with in-app purchases)


Bristlr is an interesting service yet again and maintains a good position in the list of free hookup apps like tinder. But Bristl is for the woman who likes bearded men and the men who possess a beard. And this is a mandatory constraint. It is much like Tinder and you flick between the prospects of your partner. Now bristrl itself says it “Instead of asking if you’re single or taken, or looking for men or women, Bristlr simply asks you if you have a beard. You can find people near you who either have beards, or are looking to meet people with beards”. A certainly an interesting promotional line.

A Manchester based Start up, the creator says the idea came to him as a joke but now you can see, the success was actually more than welcoming than what he thought.

Install Bristlr on Android.

Hot or Not

Here in this post we are looking at all those tinder alternatives, dating apps like tinder for hookups but do you want to know who actually inspired Tinder? Well it is Hot or Not! Originally and still a game Hot or Not is a really popular and one of those apps like tinder for hookups which actually qualifies for apps like tinder for teens as well. When you will go through this awesome app, you will definitely find whole loads of similarities between Tinder and it. Along with all those features that Tinder provides, Hot or Not lets you send messages to almost everyone and also tell with a badge. Whether you are poplar in your circle or not, and if popular then how popular are you with some of the coolest badges in your profile section.

You might also have used “Badoo” or “Lulu” and even “Woo”, you will see hot or not is practically more or less the same app. Available for both Android and iOS users, Hot and Not can definitely be your pick as a tinder alternative. As this wonderful app is simple to use, is famous and provides almost every feature like any other free hookup apps like tinder.

Install: Android, iOS (Free with in-app purchases)

I actually wish that you liked my compilation of Top 5 Apps like Tinder for hookups. Now you use them up for hookups or actually want to have a serious relationship is entirely upto you. The list contained topmost 5 tinder alternatives which also by the way are dating apps like tinder without facebook integration. Except that of Hot or Not, practically every Tinder alternatives are dating apps like tinder. Try using them up and let us know whether which one you feel is the best of them all. Till then enjoy and happy dating!

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