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It is getting all techy-techy around the globe. New Apps, new innovations, new everything. But everything, actually everything produces one thing. And that is the data. And talking about our own lives, our major concern these days is the security of data of our personal life. We all daily store are personalized data, documents, figures, photos, messages and much more that we really do not want someone else to access. So, to keep our data safe and secure we adopt many such securities and back up methods that are not so secured in all terms. Though we usually create copy of our documents but still there is fear of losing them. In such cases, online storage and back up of data turns out to be the best option. The best online storage service which is very famous these days is Verizon cloud Login. Verizon cloud Login is rather more than just a backup option. All you need to do is to Log in to Verizon Cloud

Verizon Cloud offers secure online storage for back up and sync important contacts, photos, videos, music, and documents. Here in this article you will learn how to access Verizon Cloud Login and sign in to your account using the Verizon Cloud Desktop App. You can login into your Verizon Account from mobile/tablet or use the web or PC application for Verizon Cloud Login Online. With the help of My Verizon Cloud Login, you can backup and sync all your essential files to the trivial ones like contacts and call logs, Verizon Wireless/transfer Contacts, and Verizon Cloud Contacts.

 In this post we will walk you through some of the key points, which include how to login in Verizon Cloud, Verizon Cloud Sign in Process, its benefits and a lot more.

Let’s know little more about Verizon online cloud.

To be more specific, Verizon cloud is an online storage website that allows you to create backup and sync all your important files and documents. Using Verizon cloud you can create a backup of your contacts, photos, videos, call logs and much more. Verizon cloud can be managed on any devices easily on the go. These days, Verizon cloud is popularly considered as the best tool for data security. You really need not fear the system or hard drive crash while using Verizon cloud. This Verizon Cloud Login allows you to sync data available on any tablet or smartphones regardless of your location.

Verizon Cloud Storage and Verizon Cloud Backup, these are the two things that enable any user to get access into Verizon account. There are many ways that you can use to login into your account.

Features and specs of Verizon Cloud

Verizon Cloud Storage Capacity

Well, since we are using this service of Verizon cloud to store our data we expect a good storage capacity. Verizon offers 5 GB storage to create backup of data making it a decent app to use. But there are other alternative apps too that offer more storage capacity at the same amount, thus making it little expensive. Anyways, to solve the basic purpose that is creating backup of your documents to secure them, this amount of storage is sufficient with a free app. To increase the GB one can opt for its premium app as well that is a lot more expensive though. Well, choose wisely then.

Check :

Verizon Cloud Services

If we talk about Verizon cloud storage services, this app is capable of competing with Dropbox, Amazon cloud, and even Google Drive. But Verizon lacks behind among other users because there is no dedicated app for Windows users. Hence, this app will not work on non-Verizon tablets or phones. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices and hence popular among the users. So I am sorry for the Windows users, but search for something better!

Wireless Transfer of Contacts and data

The major benefit you can draw using Verizon online cloud is its ability that lets you transfer the contacts to the cloud wirelessly. Verizon cloud storage does this work with an ease. All you have to do is, to transfer your images, contacts, and call logs with just pressing of few buttons.

Well, you may wonder that there are many other third party apps of Android and iOS that can be used to backup your messages, contacts, and other data to the cloud. But the bottom line here is that Verizon online cloud comes pre-installed with this wonderful feature.


Automatic sync and Back up

Up till now, we already know that the basic purpose of using this Verizon cloud is to create back up for our information. In a more processed way. This app, thus automatically back up your any new data provided, or edited to the cloud and secures it. It will automatically sync all your daily changes that will appear on the device with which it is synchronized. Also it is tested that the Verizon media manager does not crashes your system or hard drives.

Verizon creates back up of almost everything like images, videos, and many more. But on other hand, Verizon users complaint that it is only successful in creating back up of call logs, text messages and lost contacts. This may make Verizon a little less famous among users.

Verizon Cloud Safety Feature

I knew you were waiting for this feature to come up. Security is by far one of the major issue every Cloud service needs to address. If compared with other online clouds or app, Verizon has proved its name with its security features. Verizon cloud comes with in-built encryption technology, which is claimed to be present in all their online transactions. This feature ensures high security to our personal documents that are stored on the cloud online because safety is above all at last. You can all look for some of the other alternatives, but I will definitely keep this in the topmost cadre when it comes to Safety and Protection.

Verizon Cloud Support

Verizon Cloud storage claims to offer comprehensive support page which seems to be a unique point in any app. But it is believed that this is just a tricky point to attract users as to have a direct contact with technical department is almost next to impossible. This feature is something which no app offers openly and hence Verizon can be trusted upon it.

Verizon Cloud Alternatives

Well, if not Verizon Cloud than we have many other alternative apps as well that let us store our personal data and create back up securely. There comes lots of all for Android, iOS and Windows users that can back up your messages or contacts. Hence in case if you run out of its 5 GB storage capacity, you can opt for alternative apps instead of Verizon cloud premium app, in much less cost. Try them too!


Verizon Cloud Enterprise

I actually used this word before in the post too. Well elaborating it now, Verizon helps not just in keeping a storage track but a lot more. With Verizon Cloud, you can also pay bills and download invoices with its business feature. You can virtually manage all your orders and data no matter what your location is. All you need is an online connection. This can be said as the extended feature Verizon cloud offers to its users. So start your safe business using Verizon.

Hence, if reviewing the Verizon cloud app it can be considered as the best service to secure and back up your data, lost contacts and messages with this GB in free. For extended data to be stored, one can prefer Amazon or Google drives.

How to do Verizon Cloud Sign up Online and Verizon Cloud Login

We have heard and learned enough by now. Now it is the time to cut to the chase and find out how actually you can achieve the functionalities after all. To start using Verizon cloud to online backup and secure your data, you need to Sign Up creating an account on Verizon cloud with following steps.

Step 1– Go to the Verizon cloud website.

Click on the link-

Step 2– Now next step is to click on the Sign In option available at right-hand corner that will direct you to the home screen.


Step 3– After that click on Register option.

Step 4– You need to complete the registration process with your details on the screen that will prompt up. This will get you your ID and password.

Now since you have your Verizon Cloud credentials, you can access Verizon Cloud tool for your Desktop application, mobile app or website application.

Step 5– Using the Verizon cloud software already installed, double click on the tool to open it.

Step 6– A screen for login will be prompted.


Step 7– Use the same Id and password that you got while signing up for Verizon Cloud.

Now you can store all your data and important files online using the Verizon Cloud Login. You can continue using these same credentials I you require to Log In for my Verizon wireless Log In or my Verizon cloud Login.

You can always login directly to Verizon Cloud Online by using the following link:

Also, after when you will Log In to your Verizon Cloud account, you will be asked to select your storage amount as then this much storage will be available for you to store your images, contacts or documents.


Remove Duplicate Files and Photos from Verizon cloud

  • Download and install Clone Files Checker.
  • After the installation is complete, it will automatically add a duplicate files scan.
  • Right-click on the folder and select Scan with CloneFilesChecker.
  • Now the Clone Files Checker window will pop up.
  • Set All Files under search options.
  • Click on Start Scan to launch the duplicate detection.
  • Select the appropriate option and finish the process and all duplicate files will be removed.

Conclusion: Well, this was a guide on how to use Verizon Cloud Login, in order to manage your personal data online to create a backup for your data and to also make it secure from losing. You can access this Verizon cloud through many applications like a desktop or mobile app and keep your data secure on the go. Trust me, once you will use it you will find Verizon cloud as the best option to deal with online security of your data.  Hope, this is helpful to you.

  1. Verizon Cloud lost ALL my sms texts in 2017. Verizon support told me they could not restore without a subpoena. I downloaded an app that managed to retrieve a few and now do separate backups. But I am limited to sms texts only.

    I just bought a Samsung note 8 to have 2 separate backups. Verizon disabled Samsung Cloud. 🙁

    I can backup photos, docs, etc… anywhere…

    How can I backup phone log, texts, device data uploaded to Verizon Cloud?

    I am currently using an OLD 3rd party sms app on new phone for fear of trusting Verizon Cloud.

    Additionally, Verizon had Samsung replace Samsung Cloud and backup with Google Drive. Now all Verizon and Google backups have been combined.

    How can I backup contacts and texts in location that won’t be lost through Verizon Cloud or Google Drive? They are autosynced or not synced. All or nothing.

    Right now I have just signed out of every google service possible to try to keep all phone data from being sucked into google AND Verizon Cloud…
    thank you for insight!
    I wish I had known to buy unlocked phone….

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