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Facetime for PC Download Windows 7/8/10 BEST Guide

FaceTime for PC is the trendiest and widely used video calling application specifically and solely designed for apple users. It’s an inbuilt application preinstalled in devices that runs on iOS viz. iPhone, iPad and MacBook. Steve jobs, the co-founder and then CEO of Apple Inc., blessed his clients with an all-rounder application that allows them to send texts, make voice calls and actually have Face timing- video call, with their kinfolk without a sweat via FaceTime. FaceTime for PC enables its user to commune productively without compromising with the voice clarity as well as the video quality during a call.

Facetime for PC Download

FaceTime for PC is a comprehensive application, a boon for Apple users, where both the schmoozersneed to have an iPhone, iPad or a MacBook to FaceTime. But, with the increasing eminence and exigency for FaceTime on android and windows, here, in this article we tip off how to use and download FaceTime for PC on Windows 7/8/10 within few minutes.

Facetime for PC Features

Facetime is an inbuilt application that allows and manages text communication; voice calls as well as video calls on an iOS-based device such as an iPhone, iPad or iPod. The add-on features using FaceTime for PC are-

  1. Stress-free User Interface– FaceTime is a well-liked and easy to handle application that does not require too much configuration. All you need to do is download the app and follow the instructions and within seconds you may exchange hellos with your diaries.
  2. Switch between landscape view and portrait view– Using FaceTime for PC on Windows, allows a user to swap the screen from landscape view to portrait view or vice versa according to the user’s pick. Changing over to the different view automatically switches another person’s screen for better representation.
  3. HD voice and video calls– FaceTime enables superior quality voice and video calls up to 720p or more, depending upon the front camera resolution.
  4. Full-screen mode– This application sets to full-screen mode while making a video call. Therefore, a user gets the video running on the entire screen of their desktops.

Facetime for PC download

To operate FaceTime for PC uninterruptedly with high audio-video quality, a user must accord with prerequisites essential for their operating system to run Facetime. For a Mac user, MAC OS X10.6.6 or higher version is must with a well to go camera. But, on the contrary to run FaceTime for PC on an iOS-based device, you need an iPhone 4 or higher version, iPad 2 or more, iPad mini, iPad pro or a 4th Gen iPod. Actually another alternative of facetime is skype.

Run Facetime for PC on Windows 7/8/10

It surely drives you up the wall when the battery goes dead or the network slows down when you FaceTime with your nearest and dearest using an iPhone. When the talks are lengthy and battery runs short, we all need a mode that won’t obstruct our conversations. And, what is better than having a video call on our personal computers which may not an Apple product!! Yes, you read that right. Technology has crossed oceans and now, you can use Facetime for PC on a windows operating system. If you own a Microsoft Windows XP 7/8//8.1 or 10 compatible PC, you just need to go along with following course of action:

  1. Install an iOS emulator – Fool your PC with an iOS emulator as it replicates an iPhone on your desktop. Download either of the emulators- MobiOne Studio, an iPadian, SmartFace, or Air, etc.
  2. After downloading an emulator say iPadian, install the file by double-clicking .exe
  3. Once you’re done with the installation, run the emulator and search for “FaceTime” application in the search bar.
  4. Download “FaceTime” and it shall automatically get installed on your personal computer.
  5. Open the application & register with new user ID and Lastly, Sign up with all the required credentials and you’ll have your personalized account to FaceTime.
  6. Log into your account and configure it as per your suitability.
  7. Beyond doubt, now you can effortlessly Facetime your children, relatives or clients on windows operated personal computer.

Now, you can experience HD quality audio and video calls or texts to anyone in your list using FaceTime for PC by following fewaforementioned steps!

If you face any inconvenience in downloading an iOS emulator or installing FaceTime application for any reason whatsoever, you just need to calm down. Try another efficacious route to enjoy and download FaceTime for PC by pursuing below-mentioned steps.

Download FaceTime for PC free windows 7/10 – BlueStacks

FaceTime for PC free

Did, you try the above-mentioned process but, couldn’t FaceTime?? Just hold your faith because here, we provide you an additional process via which you can download and enjoy high-definition audiovisual phone call within few minutes for free. Just follow the given procedure to download FaceTime for PC on Windows and Mac OS.

[su_box title=”Steps to Install Facetime on PC” box_color=”#35abd2″]
  1. Download BlueStacks on your desktop and install the application by following the steps of installation.
  2. After you finish installation, open BlueStacks to download FaceTime.
  3. Search “FaceTime apk” version viz. application file for FaceTime in the search bar.
  4. Click the ‘Download’ button to download FaceTime and subsequently install it in your windows operated PC or MacBook.
  5. Log in with new user ID and Password and fill in all the necessary credentials.
  6. You would see “FaceTime” icon on the BlueStacks home screen.
  7. And, now since You’ve successfully installed FaceTime For PC, go ahead with calling your dearest in the lists and gossip for as long as you want without having to worry about phone battery (just in case your laptop is adequately charged :P) or important business phone calls.

How to Facetime using PC?

So now, you’ve finished installing FaceTime for PC, but just in case you don’t know or face issues while making a Facetime call- audio or video, here’s the quick recap-

  • To make a FaceTime audio or video call, just insert the contact number of the person you wish to call or enter their FaceTime registered e-mail id.
  • As you would see the person’s contact no. or a e-mail id, press the call button.
  • Don’t remember the number or an e-mail id?? Here’s the tip- If the one you wish to call, has already registered in FaceTime for PC, simply, type in the name of the user and tap the ‘call’ button.
  • You may also switch from voice call to video call by clicking FaceTime button.

How to fix errors using Facetime for PC??

Sometimes, you may experience bloopers while making a voice call or a video call while using FaceTime for PC. Some of the slip-ups drop may be:

  • Call drop or connection error message.
  • Blurred visuals or video hung up
  • Messages that say- ‘FaceTime is not working’.

You need not unease yourself. Try out following cheat rules to get back with an amazing and superior quality FaceTime conversations without any shortcomings-

  • Check your internet connection and the speed. FaceTime is an online application that requires constant connectivity and high speed. In case of poor connection, visuals may face distortion or fuzziness.
  • If you’re using Wi-Fi connection, kindly take safety test to ensure whether Wi-Fi router is switched on.
  • Place a high-resolution webcam &modify the settings of a webcam to a live through top-quality visuals & first-rate audio while making voice or video calls.

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FaceTime for PC Now, also functional in devices running on Windows, Mac and Android provides an easy-going versatile application that enhances the conversation with its smooth connectivity, high-grade audio-video quality and uncomplicated user interface. It excellently stands out when compared to other video calling application of present times. Not only it allows you to interconnect with people but allows you to share the wow, happy and lean on shoulder moments of your life with your much loved in less time and in poorest network too!

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