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Well, we all have heard about Uber, making huge swirls with a big name in the market today. Uber to be specific is one of the most valuable and trusted tech company in the entire world with its headquarters situated at California. Those days of hustle are gone where you have to order and wait for your cabs and taxis to reach your place and then the destination, wasting your precious time. But Uber solved it all. Here in this article we will be looking for Uber Login and its types as nowadays with Uber app in your phone you have your cab at your convenience in no minutes to reach your destination. So knowing every other kind of info regarding the same is a must. Another highlighting advantage that comes using the service from Uber is that anyone now who owns a car, with good driving skills can earn a handsome amount of side income with this. All you need to do is to become a partner or driver with Uber and earn your income by offering your cars on rides.

Uber is one of the most popular car riding

Use your Uber login to check your report, payment options and adjustments on your Uber account. You are able to equally as a participant and Uber driver login to Uber.com to find out more about your account and record. We recommend maintaining your Uber account updated avoid troubles. Uber is a technologically-driven cab company which helps user hail comfortable taxis from anytime anywhere, using a smartphone application. The user downloads the Uber application on his/her phone and when a taxi is needed, just pushes a key to get one.


So to know the every valuable service that Uber offers to you, let’s go through it procedure and requirements to be a partner in Uber.

What exactly is Uber App?  

To passengers or the general public, Uber is nothing more than a taxi and for drivers, it is nothing more than a referral service to earn money. But actually Uber is a lot more than that. With the App, Android, Windows or iOS users with just one click can connect with drivers using the GPS facility to know each other location and time when your cab will actually arrive. Well, not only this, Uber also provides you with the facility of online payment, charging the passenger’s credit card and even direct deposition of cash into the driver’s account.

Uber essentially is your mobile app that works on just about all smartphones and allows the client to submit any trip request. Uber Login this mobile program allows has a software application which enables the client to reserve an Uber taxi for your journey.

As soon as you book a trip request, the software application of this program automatically sends the closest Uber driver the directions to your present location and the destination.

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Apart from this, Uber also is available for you in the form of Uber X, which are the low cost option to run in cars like Toyota. Whereas Uber Black is the original service given by this tech company which runs with professional drivers but with little higher at the cost side. Not just this, you can also avail facilities like Uber SUV which is available at premium rates being a larger vehicle. And as the top line option for major people, you get Uber LUX that offers you posh ride in Porsche Panameras and BMW 7 Sedans to enjoy.


Uber Login Types – Be a driver or partner with Uber.

Like I said earlier, Uber provides you with an option to earn money where you can drive your car or can offer your cars for drive as a cab. To be a partner or driver with Uber all you need to do is log in to its dashboard at partners.uber.com or drivers.uber.com. After this, the actual process of being an Uber Partner starts for you. Apart from this, Uber also requires having your background being checked and for drivers to have passed a DMV test. You also need to have your own car which is insured legally.

Sounds interesting? Well, if that is so let’s have a look at other requirements to become a partner or driver-

  • The first and the foremost requirement of being a partner of Uber is, you need to be at least 21 years of age to either become a partner or driver with Uber as applicants below this age will get rejected.
  • The car that you own and are willing to make it available for ride should come with an edition that is launched after 2000 or sometimes Uber also looks for cars that are newer than year 2005.
  • One must pass the background check that is conducted by the company in order to be a driver at Uber. The background check includes verified documents that proves your identity and background.
  • In case if you do not own a car, Uber will help you get a car for yourself and then you can become a partner or driver accordingly.
  • Well, you also need to have an updated smart phone that you will require to sign up to be an official partner of Uber and Uber too can help you to get one if you do not own a latest phone.
  • Drivers also need to upload their documents like license, PAN card and registration of their car details.
  • The driver should not have police history and no consumption of alcohol from past 10 years


Vehicle requirements at Uber

I understand you are having good driving skills and even you qualify for all the backgrounds which are to be done or are done, but does your car qualifies as well? Here are few of the things that your car must follow in order for it to be a cab in Uber.

  • The vehicle you own should be the latest or models after 2005 are generally accepted.
  • The vehicle must Registered in your country.
  • Only Car with four or more doors are eligible.
  • The car must have seat belts for at least 4 passengers.
  • Vehicles previously licensed as taxis will not be allowed.

Uber also provides you with market place so that you can buy your vehicle if you do not own one and then you can become a driver subsequently.


How to Uber Sign Up and Uber Login?

Now we are ready with all the requirements that are generally wanted. The eligibility criteria for you to be a driver or a partner and the criteria for your car as well. Uber comes with its official website that allows you to use Uber Sign up or Uber Log In option. For signing up and to become partner with Uber, just visit their website Uber.com  that will require you to upload all your required documents to complete sign up process.

In case you have any problem or a doubt, you can always ask for one to one assistance to get your sign up process done quickly within few minutes without any issues.

Once you get through all the Uber Login process, you are very much ready to go with all the facilities that are provided to you. Once you connect with the company profile, as a driver, partner or a rider you can easily check your profile, the payment options available and certain change settings are made available regarding your Uber account. You can Login to Uber.com both as rider or Uber driver to get your trip history and account information.


By now have looked at certain requirements which are necessary for you to clear the eligibility criteria as well as how you should sign up into the Uber app for from the website. Once you are done with Signing up process, you can login in various ways depending upon the task you wish to perform.

Let’s have a look at Log In types available at Uber website.

Uber Login for the Rider

The most common use and the most common Login option of Uber is when you click the Rider profile. You are the company’s most valuable part- the customers. And Uber leaves no stone unturned in satisfying your needs. With this option, the rider can look for their trip history, and can update the payment modes or can set a profile to be in contact with company. In case you missed out, following steps can be followed to proceed with your Login-

  1. Go to the site riders.uber.com
  2. Follow sign in with your e-mail address or Facebook account
  3. Click on the SIGN IN button available in green.

Uber Login for Driver

Now after the customers, for Uber the Drivers are the equally important entity too. They like to call them as their partner and very likely so, the drivers are the actual partners of Uber. As Uber driver, you can use the available option of Partner Uber Log In in order to get your driver profile ready and updated by following certain steps.

  1. Go to the website uber.com
  2. Continue logging in with your mail id or phone number
  3. Press the SIGN IN button to be a partner.

And if you are wondering about the payments mode or how are they made then the default way is the most common practice. The payment to the drivers of Uber is made every week and is transferred to their bank account directly. If you wish to follow any other process, you can talk it up with the team and can get your issue sorted.


While all the facilities can be availed using the website part you can always turn up to more digitalized way. You can also use the UBER App available in your respective phone’s Play Store or Windows Store of iOS Store, instead of using your browser each time.


Uber Login Dashboard

Uber undoubtedly is very popular around the globe because of the services and amenities it provides. We will be looking at the later and the final section of the article, what makes Uber so popular and famous. But one of its important aspect is the wonderful dashboard it provides from where you can actually look everything. From the trip history to the amount you paid to the driver’s info to so many more things. Let me sort the things out, and tell you all the aspects in which the Uber Login Dashboard helps you out.

You can also use your Dashboard to check or moreover update certain things like

  • The Uber Dashboard helps you get the info about your trips and history.
  • Get access to the available, Uber Momentum Partner Rewards.
  • You can update your profile or register a new vehicle (if you are a partner, the second time process becomes really easy).
  • One of the most important aspect is, the Uber Dashboard helps you review your tax position.
  • Get print or info about your payments statement.
  • Get discounts and vehicle financing also.


Why is Uber so popular and its Benefits?

So, yeah we are at the end of the article, having told you that at the last section I will be telling you why Uber is so popular? And what are its benefits amongst the whole lot of competitors and subsequent?

What I personally love about Uber is it Technology and interface. The background technology that is used by this company comes with smooth interface as its drivers and riders are connected without any errors. Its delivery system too is awesome that has made Uber more than just a name. I have already told you the way you can proceed with every process, you being a driver, partner or a rider. The customer services are their USP and it’s certainly the best.

Apart from obvious, other benefits that Uber offers you are enlisted as-

  • Make money with Uber- Driving with Uber helps you earn great amount of money and not just that but also allows you to be an independent contractor. You can get your payment done weekly or on daily basis as per the priority or the option you set. And things aren’t over yet, you can drive according to your own schedule and get paid.
  • Drive when you wish to drive as with Uber you can be an independent contract and work as part time. You have got all your freedom and flexibility to work as a driver or partner to Uber as per your own timings. No restricted office timings. Be your own Boss.
  • Uber comes up with wide range of Cabs, and you can choose the same according to your class and range.
  • The customer service is wonderful and if any issue turns up, you can always get it jot down at the center and it will be resolved, trust me.
  • Uber when compared to other services is rather cheaper because of its wide reach and scope.

Conclusion : So yeah, having said it all. I am sure many doubts persisting in your brain are now clear. It is actually a great idea to be a partner or driver at Uber as it is a wonderful source of additional income that one can earn. It may, to an extent serve you as your income for livelihood as well. And not just this, if you want to be just a customer, Uber is more than welcoming to you. So if you want to have a ride with Uber or be its partner, simply follow up with the above mentioned requirements and steps to get connected with Uber. Have some happy earnings and ridings with Uber!!

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