How to See Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile in 2018


Most of us have heard about Instagram. It has become fairly popular for sharing photos and videos. It is yet another way to peep into our friends, beloveds, and even our favorite actors, singers and people from a different sector. It has revolutionized the way people interact.  I personally am a big fan of Instagram. A day doesn’t go by when I don’t post a story or share a picture. It is that interesting and addicting. But have you thought about the fact that there could be many people using the social media at the same time and the fact that they could be viewing your profile is profound. But we don’t necessarily come to know about it unless they accidentally like our pictures. But, what if I tell you that there is a way to see who views your Instagram profile? If you want to know how to do that, read ahead.

The good thing is that there are ways to know who views my Instagram free. Instagram’s analytics services are now available which can help you observe these engagement metrices. There are Statigram, Only Measure, and Nitrogram which are designed to provide you with the information of how many people have interacted with your posts. It is done through reviews, likes and shared URLs. It checks all of that. Must be extensive, right?

Find out who Viewed Your Instagram Profile:

If you are looking for a profile check pro then you have come to the right place.

First of all, we will start with a procedure which might help you in this endeavor.

  • Download and install an application which is named as “who viewed my Instagram” through PlayStore.

  • Go ahead and open the application, click on sign in with the application’s visitor’s profile.
  • You will have to set as authorized these applications so as to gain access to your Instagram account.
  • Your Instagram account will appear, hit tap to reload which will enable you to see the people who have viewed your profile.

  • The app will let you See Who Views Your Instagram Profile but only the top 5 ones, to know more you will have to buy the premium version of the app.

The next thing that we have for you is,

Instamutual is an application that is available for iOS. It works to let you see who is checking your Instagram account. This feature can be kept on for 24 hours straight, it will keep a track of people visiting your account. The app is very easy to manage and is user-friendly. I recommend this one, as this seems like less of a hassle and human nature goes for anything which involves fewer efforts. That is how it is. Coming back to the topic, the app will give you the freedom and flexibility to see who is viewing your Instagram profile. Imagine your ex just stalked your profile, and you come to know. Isn’t that satisfying? I would be glad if that happens to me. So, to know whos stalking my Instagram, this would be your go-to app.

Have you heard of Instaview? Well, if you want to be updated with the people seeing your account then you can also make use of this one. InstaView is a very popular app that checks your Instagram Account. The good thing is, it is available for both iOS and Android. So, all the Android users who were disheartened earlier, cheer up. The app will allow you to see up to 200 recent views of your Instagram profile.

You were brewing with the question “can I see who views my Instagram pictures?” I hope now that you are done reading the article, you have gotten a fair idea of what to do and how to do.  You can rely on these apps. So, what are you waiting for? Download it and see who has been keeping a check on your profile and confront the person. That would be a scene to watch.

If you have any doubts and queries, do let us know. You can either send us an email, if that is too much trouble then you can also leave your query in the comment which is situated down below, especially for you.

Thank you for reading!

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