Prevent Eye Pain from Computers and Mobile Gadgets


Prevent Eye Pain from Mobile Gadgets & Prevent Eye Pain from Computers

You know, what is the most troublesome problem of 21st Century? Well, it is the eye strain that we have received by sticking our eyes constantly at one screen be it a computer, laptop or mobile gadgets. The amount of time that we are spending these days by staring at our screens of computer has increased drastically. And with this sedentary lifestyle of ours, we have gained several diseases like obesity, anxiety and mental disorders. One of the most common ailment is eye strain that irritates us, but we become so busy doing our stuff that we do not think of how to prevent eye pain from computers as well as to prevent eye pain from mobile gadgets. Our parents are right, we have caused prolonged damage to our eyes by working throughout the day on Smartphone, laptops and computers and its time we think of some solutions to prevent the eye pain caused by computers or other gadgets.

Nowadays, a lot of US have jobs that need us to stare at computer displays for hours at the same time. That could put an actual stress on your eyes.

Eye problems due to computer use fall under the heading computer vision syndrome (CVS). It isn’t one particular problem. Instead, it provides a whole range of eyestrain and pain. Research suggests that between 50% and 90% of individuals who work on a PC screen have at the least some signs.

Working people are not the only ones affected. Children who look at tablets or use computers through the day at university can have troubles, too, particularly when the lighting and their posture are less than perfect. Quick fixes like ibuprofen and vision exercises will most likely relieve eyestrain, however in my quest to eliminate this issue, I went to get a preventative approach.

You might wonder, that you never felt that eye strain or may be you did. In either case if you want to know whether this thing is real in medical science, than the answer is yes. Well, the eye pain that we get through computer screen is sometimes also referred as Computer Digital Syndrome. So if you have ever gone through eye pain, then I guess this is high time that we must look for how to prevent the eye pain caused by the computers or other digital devices.

So, before our eyes get permanently damaged, let’s know the preventive measures that will help our eyes to remain healthy with good vision. Here we are guiding you with different control measures and some apps that will help to prevent eye pain from computers or mobile gadgets.

What is eye pain/strain and what does it includes?

Well, eyestrain is a symptom that manifests you when you exert extra pressure on your eyes for longer period of time that may be due to over staring at digital screens, reading, watching constant TV and others.

When one suffers from eye strain, the following symptoms may be included-

  • Pain and tension around eyes
  • Redness of eye
  • Eye dryness
  • Fatigue and itching
  • Blurred or double vision
  • Sensitivity towards light
  • Head, back and neck pain

What are the causes of eye pain?

Eye strain does not usually leads to permanent damage of vision though makes you resistant to perform your daily visual tasks with difficulty. There are many causes that lead to eye pain or strain. The major cause can be considered as the continuous use of-

  • Computers
  • Smart phones
  • Video games
  • Play Stations

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Working for the prolonged period on the digital devices in recent days is the most common cause of eye pain. As when we work on computers or other digital devices, our focus is continuously on the screen. This requires our eye muscles to work more and hence they easily get fatigue. Driving, reading and writing may not cause you such an effect of eye pain as compared to the eye pain that comes from computer because the screen involves resolution, glare and contrast that may lead to astigmatism. When we work on computers, our eyes blink less than normally hence resulting into itching, burning and ultimately eye pain from computers.

Well, the other three types of causes in general may include-

  • Inadequate space of work
  • Inefficient lighting set up
  • Lack of proper care of eye.

I am sure you might have heard of the notion- Prevention is always better than the cure, so let’s now look for general solutions for how can you prevent the eye pain form computers?

If you are working at night then you will need some special tools that can help you to work in low light. These are some special tools that will decrease screen light according to outside light.

The general control measures that can be followed to reduce or avoid the eye pain include-

  • Don’t keep your monitor screen so close to your eyes. Reposition your monitor screen below your eye level to avoid strain. Keep your mobile or computer at a distance from your eyes.
  • While you are working on computer screens, enlarge the text as small fonts will make you exert more pressure to focus on what is written. Use shortcut Ctrl + “+” to magnify the text.
  • Remember 20-20 rules while you work on computers. This includes taking short spurts or break and closing your eyes to avoid the pain. Blink your eyes at normal rate which can be done when you are in relaxed state doing no visual activity.
  • When there is large document to be read, read it offline by printing the document.
  • Adjust the light according to your vision as inadequate amount of light is or excessive amount both may lead to eye pain.
  • Adjust the contrast of your computer screen or even mobile gadgets by decreasing the brightness to balanced level. Choose neutral colors or dark colors that have reducing contrast. Even choose your surroundings light carefully.
  • Go for regular eye checkups and take proper care of your eyes. You may even choose to wear glasses that block impactful blue light while working on computer or mobiles.
  • Even switching from normal cathode ray monitors to LCD screen may also prevent the eye pain caused by computers.

However, apart from taking these control measures, there are certain apps developed that will help you to prevent eye pain from computers or mobile gadgets. Have a look at them as these apps are separately designed for Windows, Android and Mac users. Article on How to change brightness in Windows.

Apps for Android Users to prevent eye pain from Mobile Gadgets and computers

Twilight App

It is a famous app among Android users that allows you to adjust the brightness of your digital device throughout your day as it will reduce the harsh blue and white lights. As the time or day will move on it will add a red color soft filter that is capable of adjusting the intensity of light that too based on sun set and rise. It has a black light control option too that decreases the background lighting. You can also apply for its preview function to see how your screen will look in various lighting effects. You can choose from many other filters as well. If you are a person who like to read late at night than this app will be best for protecting your eyes.

You can download the app from the link below – Download Twilight

Prevent eye pain from Computer 1

Blue Light Filter for Eye care

It is an app for Android users that filters the blue light from your mobile screen so that your eyes may feel more comfortable and relaxed while working on digital device. This app automatically dims the intensity of light and adjusts the screen contrast and color to reduce the blue light so as to relax your eyes. With just one tap of on and off you can switch between the filters. The filters those are included in are- Natural, Yellow, Brown, Purple and etc. The lighting scheme through this app can be adjusted through surroundings lights. You can also add filter icon in the status bar for easy tweaking.

Get the app now – Blue Light

Prevent eye pain from Computer 2


LUX LITE Android App

It is an app that controls the display lighting of your device and allows you to adjust the brightness you want to have while working in different light conditions. While you are in different brightness areas, the app provides you with the dashboard so that you can slight the level of display brightness. It comes with the link button that on clicking will be used as a future reference. When you will enter into a room with dim light, the app will automatically decrease the brightness so that your display is more comfortable without straining your eyes. It also reduces the battery consumption.

If you want to use this app get it now – Lux Lite

Prevent eye pain from Computer 3

Apps for Mac Users to Prevent Eye Pain from Mobile Gadgets

Time Out

Time out is an exclusive app for Mac users that is quite useful for the ones who do not have this habit of taking break from their work space. This app automatically gives you micro breaks as it has its own break plan set up. It follows 50 minute chunks of work with 10 minute of break time. Although you can customize the settings as per your need and schedule but at least using this app your daily routine of visual activity will surely get improved. It is an app that is more like a reminder that reminds you of relaxing your eye muscles to avoid strain. The breaks act by dimming the light of your screen display and when the break is over, it fades back to normal.

Get the app now to improve your eye strain caused by using mobile or computers – Time Out

Prevent eye pain from Computer 4


This is another app for Mac users that comes with a unique approach. It has an older display option for you that alters the contrast of your screen and hence reduces the eye strain. It comes with a monochrome scheme so that you can alter the display by inverting the colors of icons and fonts, by disabling shadow effects and by adjusting the tints. You can even reduce or increase the brightness level through this app., since it is free for all users and is helpful to prevent pain.

You can get the app by following the link – Get Nocturne


Prevent eye pain from Computer 5

Shades Free App for Mac

It is an app for Mac users that comes for free and supports OS X. The app controls the brightness of the computer screen and its display settings. Using the slide bar you can even dim the light and brightness. Its slide bar appears on the screen of your laptop, when your app is activated. The default color for this app remains black, although one can choose many colors that suit the intensity of your eye hence reducing eye pain gained from using computers.

You can download the app by following the link- Get Shades Free

Prevent eye pain from Mobile 6

Windows User to Prevent Eye Pain from Computers


It is a software or app that comes for free and is available both for Windows as well as Mac users. It alters the color of your computer’s display screen to the time of day. During night time, it changes to warm color while you can choose any color during day time. The settings can be modified easily as per your need. It also gives you option through which you can tell where you live and what type of lighting suits you, it will automatically take care of contrast to lessen your eye strain.

You can download the app from- Get F.LUX

Prevent eye pain from Computer 7

Eye Pro for Windows

It is an app for Windows users that along with the reduction of your eye pain, also moisturizes your eye properly. Using this app, you will blink your eyes more while you are working on the computer screen. It is an app that actually encourages you to rest your eyes and blink timely. It also comes with the break intervals that you can modify as per your schedule. Well, it’s a great app to try for.

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To get the app, follow the link- Get Eye pro

Prevent eye pain from Gadgets 8

Awareness App

This app too comes for both Mac and windows users and is quite popular app to prevent eye pain resulting from computers. This app lets you develop the habit of taking breaks out of your busy schedule. The app has a menu bar that appears on your desktop screen and counts the minutes from your first break until your next break. But to let you work without interruption, you can choose the chunks of time limits. Its interesting feature is that Tibetan singing bowl tone plays that lets you know it’s your break time. Well, it is one of the most easy and simple to use app that timely reminds you of relaxing your eye muscles.

To download the app- Get Awareness

Prevent eye pain from Computer 9

Conclusion : Well, we have made you aware of all the consequences and preventive measures one should take to prevent eye strain from computers or mobile gadgets. Along with the preventive measures, there are certain software or apps as well that let you reduce the eye pain form computers. Try these apps as they are truly reliable and useful to help you maintain healthy eye. So keep safe and do not let your eye strain.

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