Fix msvcp100.dll missing or Not Found Error in Windows 10

msvcp100 dll missing

There are various reasons why you could face msvcp100.dll error. However, it has been mostly seen that this message pops up during boot or when the PC/laptop is shutting down. It is important to identify the error and know why the error is taking place. You need to troubleshoot and find a solution. If you can’t find it by yourself, use this guide to find it. This is a guide where you will get a solution for msvcp100.dll missing error.

Fix msvcp100.dll missing

Msvcp100.dll error for Windows 10 is most common. Windows 10 is the newest operating system in the market. Win10 had some bugs to take care of now, and most of them are gone. However, this error can show up anytime. It has also been noted that msvcp100.dll error for windows 7 and windows 8 is also recorded. This error can make you desperate to know what’s wrong with your computer/laptop. Well, just for your convenience I’d like to state that everything is fine. It’s a minor issue.

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The msvcp100.dll missing error is caused when a program is being installed or used, and you suddenly turn off the computer.Msvcp100.dll may show up to hinder your operation. This error can appear for all the files associated with the msvcp100.dll file.Download msvcp100.dll missing file for window 10 can solve your issues too. If you don’t know what is dll file then check this article.

Dll errors are very common with Windows operating systems. These error occurs due to Virus problems or old drivers. You can easily fix such errors.

How To Fix msvcp100.dll Missing Errors

Now, the next step is to prevent such errors. Here is the list of things you can do to get rid of this error:

  1. Download the latest Microsoft Visual Service Pack with MFC security update to revive the most recent version of the msvcp100.dll file. This can help you in getting rid of oldware as well as fix the error.
  2. Check your recycle bin. One of the most common mistakes what users do is that they delete msvcp100.dll file accidentally. You can check your bin to know if msvcp100.dll file is present there. If you find it, just click on the restore button.
  3. Install Windows Updates. This is another simple way of getting rid of old were as well as fixes the error as the first step. In this way, you can update your service pack and msvcp100.dll file as well. Give it a try.
  4. Use a system restore. Using a system restore would ensure that all your recent changes are overturned. Maybe if you deleted the msvcp100.dll file then doing a system restore can send the file back to where it was. You can fix the error efficiently this way.
  5. Run a virus/malware scan. There are certain possibilities that your msvcp100.dll file is not being used because of a virus or malware infection. Run a scan and check if the error is fixed.
  6. Reinstall the program. While facing any error with msvcp100.dll file due to a particular application, try to reinstall it. There are chances that you are facing msvcp100.dll missing error due to this app.
  7. Use a free registry cleaner. This can fix all the issues in your PC concerning registries. You can give it a try and see if the msvcp100.dll missing error is fixed.
  8. Repair windows. You can always opt for restoring your windows as it restores the default conditions of your operating system. No need to save your files. Just perform a repair and download the required files again. Install them and check if the error is gone.
  9. Perform a clean installation of windows. If repairing the PC won’t bring any fruitful results then you should opt for a clean install. There are certain directories which a repair function would not cover. You can perform a clean install to take care of those directories and bring your system back to default. You can perform a clean install using the media tool provided by Microsoft. It is available to download for free and is accessible for all kinds of windows ten extensions. Check if the error is gone after performing a clean install.
  10. Troubleshoot for hardware problems. Windows 10 has an active problem detecting function. You can just click on the troubleshoot button and wait for the system to identify the issue. Once the problem has been identified, the system will automatically solve it. This is probably the easiest way of getting rid of the msvcp100.dll missing error.

What To Do If I Still Face The Error?

The failure is broad. However, we assure you that you can easily get rid of msvcp100.dll missing error following these steps, but there are some cases where the error won’t go away. You will have a hard time taking care of msvcp100.dll file. You can also try to download msvcp100.dll file, but I object if that is going to bring anything good for you. Many people have uploaded fake files to deceive people into getting another virus in their system so stay aware of it.

You can take your PC or Laptop to an expert repairing shop. The expert would look at it and find what’s wrong with the device. You can also send your device to the service center. As this product was manufactured by them, they would know what they should do to fix your device.

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