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Well, with every new update of iOS in Apple devices, the same errors seem to trouble the users of iPhone and iPad. With iOS 10 the case is no different as iMessage waiting for activation iOS 10 error messages is continuing to irritate the users. Many users reported the problem that even after updating iOS the iPhone pops up with a message that iMessage activation an error occurred during activation. In that case, all the users search for the fixes that are available and to solve the iMessage waiting for activation error here we are with some fixes that will work. So let’s look for the possible solution to fix an error of iMessage waiting for activation and what are its probable reasons. Also look for how to activate iMessage on Mac.

To use iMessage, you’ll need to activate on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. If you see an error message during activation, follow these steps to fix iMessage an error occurred during activation mac. As every Apple supporter expected, the brand new OS for iPhone iPad – iOS 10 has been introduced to the public on Sep.13, 2016. Apple said it the biggest launch actually, and now a significant update iOS 10.2 is also available. However, the brand new iOS also brings us some new update problems, and lots of people reported about iMessage waiting for activation.

iMessage Waiting for Activation is a common iPhone and Mac error. Apple has released official thread to fix this issue but still many users are facing this issue. This issue iMessage Waiting for Activation is very common and even apple has released official guide to fix this problem for older iOS users.

We’ve been heard people reporting sorts of messages and iMessage difficulties, like communications/iMessage not sending/sent, not received, or don’t trigger iMessage, iOS 10 messages new results not working, plus some also find that messages disappeared after iOS 10.1 update. If iMessage not working on iPhone or iMessage waiting for activation properly in your iOS 10/10.1/10.2 unit, please follow this post to acquire some possible solutions for iMessage waiting for activation iOS 10. iMessage waiting for activation is one of the biggest issue in iOS. iMessage is popular social messaging service. You can try cleaning al contacts, temp files and another browsing history. Also you can restore your iPhone.

Firstly, you may notice that while chatting on your iPhone suddenly the message says that message fails to deliver.

Secondly, the iMessage app may crash or freezes after updating and blank screen appears

Thirdly, you may not receive any more messages and even iMessage features and effects too may fail to work.

How to fix iMessage Waiting for Activation Error

Before you look for solutions to fix iMessage waiting for activation you must make sure some of the settings in your iPhone and continue changing them to fix your error.

1 – Check your connectivity

While sending and receiving messages on iPhone you get interfered where iMessage says waiting for activation you must follow these steps-

Step 1- Tap on Settings > Wi-Fi and make sure Wi-Fi is enabled.

Step 2- If you are using Data then tap on Settings > Cellular Data and turn it on.

iMessage Waiting for Activation 2 – Check Date and Time

When you get a message of iMessage waiting for activation iOS 10, you can check your Date and time settings.

Step 1- Tap on Settings > General > Date and Time

Step 2- The Date and Time screen will appear. Click on Set Automatically option to enable it.

imessage waiting for activation ios 103 – Set up Phone Number

While working on message app, if you observe iMessage activation an error that occurred during activation or on updating iOS 10, than you must verify your settings. For this you will require a phone number that should have messaging plan so as to activate iMessage.

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Step 1- Tap on Settings > Phone

Step 2- Then tap on My Number and enter your number if not there.

Although you can also use your Apple ID in order to send and receive messages through iPhone.

how long does it take to activate imessage4 – Restart Facetime and iMessage

If you are unable to contact the iMessage server then follow the steps to fix iMessage waiting for activation error.

Step 1- Tap on Settings > Messages. Turn off the iMessage option.

Step 2- Go to Settings > Facetime. Turn off the Facetime as well.

Step 3- Turn off your iPhone to restart it again.

Step 4- Again Tap on to Settings > Messages and turn iMessage on.

Step 5- Tap on settings > Facetime. Turn on Facetime.

iMessage Waiting for Activation 4 5 – Turn ON the Airplane Mode

iMessage says waiting for Activation! So you can try turning on the Airplane mode as it will cut off your internet connectivity. Then turning it back OFF again will regain the network.

Step 1- Tap on Settings > Airplane Mode > Toggle it ON.

Step 2- Wait for about 10 seconds.

Step 3- Go to Settings > Airplane Mode. Turn it OFF

Step 4- wait for 1 Minute.

Step 5- GO to Settings > iMessage. Turn it on. You will see that “iMessage waiting for Activation” has disappeared.

imessage says waiting for activation6 – Sign In and Sign Out of Apple ID

When the iMessage app will not work after updating iOS you will see that iMessage activation could not sign in. So the solution to this problem is to resolve the issue by signing in and off of Apple ID.

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Step 1- Go to settings > Message.

Step 2- A Message screen will appear. Scroll down you will find ‘Send and Receive’ option. Tap on it.

how to activate imessage on mac

Step 3- Follow the next screen and tap on Apple ID.

Step 4- On pop up screen click on Sign Out.

imessage an error occurred during activation mac

Step 5- Now again tap on Settings > Wi-Fi. Turn OFF the Wi-Fi and wait for a minute.

Step 6- Again Turn on the Wi-Fi

Step 7- Go to Settings > Messages > Turn ON iMessage.

Step 8- Sign in with your apple ID and look for iMessage waiting for activation error gone.

Reset Privacy and Location7 – Reset Privacy and Location

When iMessage says waiting for activation follow the steps below to fix it-

Step 1- Tap on settings > General > Reset

imessage activation could not sign in

Step 2- A screen will appear. Click on Reset Location and Privacy.

Step 3- Enter your pass code (if any) and then follow further instructions.

Step 4- Then tap “Reset Network Settings”.

iMessage Waiting for Activation 128 – Reinsert SIM

If iMessage waiting for activation problem is still not resolved then last try you can give is to reinsert your SIM card.

Step 1- Tap on Settings> Messages and Turn iMessage OFF.

Step 2- Press the side button for milliseconds and turn the iPhone off

Step 3- Remove your SIM and then put it back again.

Step 4- Turn on your iPhone back.

Step 5- Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Now enter the pass code and turn on your Wi-Fi.

Step 6- Tap on Settings > Messages > iMessage and turn it on.

9 – Check VPN Settings

This problem of inactivation of iMessage on iPhone can be fixed by checking VPN settings.  For this go to Settings > General > Profile. Now clear all your Profiles and Reset VPN Configurations.

unable to contact the imessage server 10 – Erase all Contents and settings

If nothing works you may begin with fresh start.

Step 1- Tap Settings > General > Reset

Step 2- Click on erase all contents and settings.

Step 3- Enter your pass code and tap on iPhone.

Step 4- Your iPhone will restart.

Step 5- Turn on tour iMessage option.

iMessage Waiting for Activation 14

iMessage still not activated?

Now after once you have tried to fix iMessage activation error you may wonder how long does it take to activate iMessage? Well, it usually takes 24 hours or 1 day around to fix the iMessage waiting for activation error. But it may sometimes happen that even after 24 hours of time, the issue still continues in that case one can follow following steps-

  1. Make sure that your iPhone is updated to latest iOS.
  2. While using iPhone contact your carrier in order to make sure that you are still receiving messages or not.
  3. Lastly you can contact Apple Support to fix the issue.

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How to Activate iMessage on Mac?

Above we talked about fixing iMessage activation problem on iPhone but sometimes it may happen that in iMessage an error occurred during activation Mac. In that case you must make sure that iMessage app on Mac is activated using Apple ID. Let’s follow the steps to set iMessage activated on Mac.

Step 1- Go to Message app > Preferences > Account.

iMessage Waiting for Activation

Step 2- First make sure that your Apple ID is been used to activate the iMessage.

Step 3- If it is not the case then simply go to Accounts and add your Apple ID. Sign in using the same Apple ID to activate iMessage app.

This will let you to use iMessage app on your Mac and iPhone using same Apple ID.

Conclusion : So, these were the few steps and fixes you can follow if you want to resolve iMessage waiting for Activation error. They are many but still very easy to implement. Try them and surely your iMessage will be back with all its features and effects to enjoy chatting with friends.

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