How Much Time Does It Take – Find USPS Priority Mail Time


USPS Priority Mail Time – Exchanging letters, emails, goods or account bills is becoming common nowadays. This is very common for auction websites, corporates and small home based business who needs the mail services from time to time.

The United States Postal Service aka USPS offer two types of mailing service for these domestic packages. While one is the First Class Mail, the other is Priority Mails. Both these services offer different shipping methods, delivery time and cost for service. So today we are sharing some information about USPS Priority Mail Time that is out for delivery.

usps priority mail time

Both the delivery services are offer best deal to its customers by providing them with customer-ordered goods, reminder postcards about appointments and delivery that is out to the customer. So before we move on to know the USPS Priority Mail Delivery Time, let’s know about the additional benefits that USPS Priority Mail provides over the other.

What is a USPS Priority Mail?

For an e-commerce business owner apart from time, a right medium for shipping plays a very critical role. While an overnight delivery can cost them a fortune, going with the cheapest delivery option takes about 8-10 days. And so USPS Priority Mail is an option that offers great deal as it is not only timely but, also affordable. Yes, the Priority Mail is a 1-3 day shipping service by USPS that delivers packages to its destination within the United States.

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Apart from this USPS doesn’t add any kind of surcharge for fuel, residential delivery, delivery on Saturdays or to out of the way place. And if you are using the Priority Mail, then there are two ways by which you can pay- retail pricing and the flat rate.

What Causes Delay in USPS Priority Mail Time?

On an average, the Priority Mail by USPS takes one to three days to deliver packages. The USPS Priority Mail allows you to send mails of different size specifications within this time period. You even get free boxes, labels and envelopes with this service.

The USPS Priority Mail delivery for six days in a week that is from Monday to Saturday while on Sunday it delivers only Amazon packages and Priority Mail Express. But there are various factors on which the Priority Mail time delivery depends, check them out below.

usps priority mail time

Priority Mail Time also depends on distance. In case the packages has to be delivered across the country then it will take more time, than the packages that has to be send to inter-state locations.

More About Delay In USPS Priority Mail Time

Apart from the distance, the USPS holds back the package on federal holidays. As package delivery or Standard mail delivery doesn’t take place on Sundays, the delivery takes longer and result in mailing delay.

Another factor that perturb the standard USPS Priority Mail shipping time is extreme weather conditions. According to some past reports, the weather delays have contributed to longer delay in shipping time.

But even in lousy weather conditions, USPS delivery doesn’t stops, it just gets delayed. But the delivery comes to a halt only when the destination where the package has to be delivered is a part of the affected area.

How to Calculate USPS Priority Mail Time?

You can track your package, know the USPS Priority Mail Shipping Time and the exact time when it will arrive with the help of Priority Mail Delivery Map.

With the help of delivery map you will be able to track the speed of your delivery and how fast it is. And you can also get to if your package will arrive in two or three days. But there are chances that the delivery time shown by the map may differ.

You cannot completely trust on it, as it is not guaranteed method. To find USPS Priority Mail time, follow the given steps.

Step 1: Firstly, click on the following link-

Step 2: Now locate a checkbox saying – Search on ZIP Code.

Step 3: In this box, enter the 3 or 5 digit, ZIP code to which you are shipping.

The ZIP code is very important and so make sure that you enter the correct code. Also double check the ZIP code to be on the safer side. After entering the ZIP code of the destination, the Delivery Map will display the status of the shipment, along with the USPS Priority Mail Time of the shipment.

The delivery time for different regions within United States will differ and that you will beable to observe in the map. For better results, you can even zoom the map by dragging on the Delivery Map webpage and have a better and closeup view of the shipment.

Along with your shipment area, places like Hawaii, Alaska and Unites States territories that have the Priority Mail service will also be displayed.

Find USPS Priority Mail Time with Tracking Feature

But in case you do not have time to track your order and want to skip this tracking through Deliver Map process, then you can also use the tracking feature of USPS. Yes for the ease of their customer, USPS provides them with the Delivery Confirmation option for their Priority Mails. One can buy the Delivery Confirmation service to track their shipment and being sure about the delivery time. And so if the users have this service, they can track their order and know its status easily.

usps priority mail time

Just Login to the USPS website. And then locate the tracker option. This tracking feature will help you know if the package is in transit, or has been delivered. This is another way to self-track the shipment speed, and time.

Tips for Fast USPS Priority Mail Delivery

To ensure fast deliver of your shipment, keep the following tips in mind.

  • Write the 4-digit ZIP code after the recipient’s address to expedite delivery.
  • Drop the package at the post-office instead of scheduling its pickup.
  • Instead of the First-Class Mail service, opt for the Delivery Confirmation service.

Wrapping Up

The USPS Priority Mail are definitely better than the regular mails as they deliver faster than the latter. Also you can calculate the USPS Priority Mail Time easily with the help of tracking features like Delivery Map. And in case of some delay, you can even track your shipment.So people, if you too are thinking of using the USPS Priority Mail service, then just go ahead.

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