Ways to fix Unknown USB Device – Device Descriptor request failed Error

device descriptor request failed

Ever saw the error which says – device descriptor request failed? Many times when you try to connect your USB device to your PC or your laptop, it does not open and you get a pop up message box saying “usb device not recognized device descriptor request failed” or simply “USB Device Not Recognized”. Well, when you have something urgent to transfer or something you want to access urgently then this may seem quite annoying. You do not need to panic or get all riled up because you could actually fix this issue of device descriptor request failed by your own, that to within just next 10 minutes. Stay with me to fix this unknown USB device (device descriptor request failed)!

Unknown USB Device – device descriptor request failed Error can arise due to various reasons and based on these reasons, there are various solutions to solve this issue. You could start from the basic reasons and try to correct them so that you don’t have to waste too much amount of time. Because sometimes such errors occur due to really basic reasons and can even be corrected within 2 minutes or less. So the wiser idea will be to start from basic to harder rather than reverse.

Sometimes due to virus issues, you will face USB Device Not Recognized problem with your Flash Drive.  There are many possible solutions to fix this error. Here is how to fix it

Fix Unknown USB Device – device descriptor request failed Error

Before applying any of these methods make sure that your device is working properly in other PCs and Laptops.

The methods listed below are arranged sequentially, from easy reasons to harder reasons for the error. Some of the methods are really very simple because the cause for this error could also be really very simple. So do follow the sequence if you want to save time.

Method 1: Change the port of the device

The port you have been using for inserting you USB device may have been broken internally and may have been the reason for this problem, so you should detach your device from their and then try to insert it in any other port rather than the previous one. If this would have been the problem then now you won’t get any such message and your device will be surely detected (and as I mentioned it didn’t even took more than 1 minute to do this).

If this does not work, do refer the further methods.

Method  2: Try Trouble shooting

Using hardware and device trouble shooter could help you get this error solved. Follow the steps given below to solve this problem:

Step 1: Open control panel

Step2: Choose troubleshooting tab

Step3: In the hardware and sound section, choose configure a device option

Step4: Then follow the instructions that come along

Step5: Then at the end click on “apply this fix” if the problem is found

If these steps don’t help- you out then you need to go on to other methods and try them out.

Method 3: Restart your PC

Make sure you turn off your system then remove all the power supply, then again the complete power supply and then switch on your system. It the problem would have been with your power supply (which is possible at times due to voltage fluctuation) then your problem will be solved.

Method 4: Uninstalling the USB drive from your device driver

This will kind off act as refresh option. You just need to uninstall your USB drive and then reinstall. Follow the steps given bellow:

Step1: Open device driver

Step2: Expand USB controller category

Step3: Select the USB device which is not being recognized (it will have a small yellow triangle on its icon on left hand side)

Step4: Right click on that and then select “uninstall” from the list

Step5: Then close the device driver and restart your PC

**the drive will reinstall when you restart your system, automatically**

 This method has been quite helpful for me a lot of times. Kindly follow all the steps accurately.

Method 5: Disable fast startup

To sove the last usb device malfunctioned windows 10 all you need to do isat the time of booting if the fast Startup is enabled in your system then it may cause a problem because it may leave the USB drive undetected due to fast booting, so you need to disable the fast Startup and then try to insert the USB drive again. Follow these steps to disable the fast Startup:

Step1: Open control panel

Step 2: Select “power options ”

Step3: In the left panel, click on “choose what power buttons do” option

Step4: In the box that appears next, there will be an option “change settings that are currently unavailable”, select that

Step5: You will get various setting options in the next page, select “shutdown settings”

Step6: Now uncheck Turn on fast setup option

Step7: Click on Save changes tab and then restart your PC

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Method 6: Change the USB selective suspend settings

For solving usb device not recognized windows 10 and to change the USB selective suspend settings you need to first follow the first two steps of method 5. The further steps to be followed are:

1: Select “show additional plans”

Step 2: Click on “change settings that are currently unavailable”

Step 3: Select High Performance at the bottom of the page and then click on “change plan settings ” on the right side of this

Step 4: Select advance power settings

device descriptor request failed

Step 5: Then click on “change settings that are currently unavailable”

Step 6: A new box will be seen, there you need to locate USB settings and expand it

Step 7: Then select “USB selective suspend settings”

Step 8: There you need to disable On battery and Plugged in settings

Step 9: Click on “apply” tab at the bottom

Step10: Restart the system

I am sure these methods will surely help you to get through this error of device descriptor request failed or USB Device Not Recognized. Also this is one such error which was found by many users in Windows 0 saying – the last usb device malfunctioned windows 10. You might also see something like usb device not recognized code 43, but you actually do not need to panic. You can solve all these errors simply by going through the methods provided in this post. We hope you do not receive the last usb device you connected to this computer malfunctioned error anymore and if you do, feel free to ask your question in the comment section.

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