Chromecast for Windows : How to Download and Install Guide

Chromecast for Windows

The Google Chromecast is a device or ‘digital media player’ which was developed by Google. Google Chromecast is a device through which you can stream content which includes movies, daily soaps etc. right on your television. The best part? It is cheap and really simple. You just have to connect the device to the HDMI port with the help of the USB Cable which is included in the packaging. The Chromecast gives you access to several video streaming websites like ‘Netflix’, ‘Hulu’, ‘Youtube’ Amazon Prime and many more.  It also can stream the content showing on your Chrome browser, right on your television. There are two models of the Chromecast available which Chromecast for Windows can be used.

Chromecast for Windows Download

  • The first one is the Basic Google Chromecast which costs 35$. Cheap right?
  • The second one is the Google Chromecast Ultra which supports the new technology of 4K and HDR video because it has a built-in Ethernet adapter which the basic Chromecast doesn’t have. The Chromecast Ultra costs 69$ which is a reasonable price if you have the benefits of 4K and HDR video.

The Google Chromecast offers two ways to stream the content :

  1. Mobile and web applications that support the Google Cast Technology
  2. Streaming the content displayed on your Chrome Browser right onto your Television screen.

We are going to focus on the second step/way here.

The Google Chromecast runs on a simplified version of Chrome Operating System. So there is no need to manually download the updates from the internet. The Chromecast can update itself without the hassle of notifications. So much for simpler technology right?

Google Chromecast can be operated through your smartphone or computer which will act as a remote. To use the Chromecast you will require the Google Chromecast Dongle, an HD Television, a stable and good WiFi connection and a computer or a smartphone.

So the question comes, Why do you need a Chromecast device? The answer to this is that if you subscribe to Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. you can only access them on your computer or on your smartphones. If you are a couch potato (like me) you need the comfort of your couch and your television and this is the right gadget to fulfill your wish.

Now let’s get to the part where you need to download and use it

How to Install Chromecast on Windows PC?

To download and install the Google Chromecast on your computer you would require Windows 7 operating systems or the later operating systems.

Chromecast for Windows

  1. The first step is to open your Google Chrome browser (on the computer) and type this link:-

NOTE: The Google Chromecast requires the Google Chrome Browser. If you don’t have the Google Chrome here are the steps to install it:

  • Open your current web browser and open the Google website. Search Download Google Chrome the first website the pops is the website you need to visit. Or just click on this link

Chromecast for Windows

  • Click on ‘Download’ and choose ‘For Windows’ option.
  • Click on ‘Accept and Install’.

  • You will get a Thank You displayed on your screen.

  • The ‘choose download location’ dialog box will be displayed and choose the location in which you want the file to be downloaded in.

Now  back to downloading your Google Chromecast :  

After downloading the file, double click on the file so that the installation starts.

After the file has completed its installation process it will start finding the Google Chromecast devices.

A dialog box will appear asking you to accept its Privacy Terms or ‘The Terms and Conditions’. Click on ‘Accept’.

You need to find the dialog box which will be similar to the image given below. It is easy to find. The Code given will be different. You need to verify whether the code displayed on your T.V and setup screen is same or not.

Soon a dialog box will appear which will show you that it’s connecting.

After the Google Chromecast device has been connected, a dialog box will appear asking you to connect to your Wireless Network. Click on ‘Continue’.

After continuing, you have to find your wireless network, by searching it or by directly typing the name of your wireless network in the blank given. If at first, you are unable to locate your wireless network click on the ‘Refresh’ button, it will set things right and you will find your network in no time. It is essential step in order to Chromecast for Windows to work in your system.

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After you have successfully found your network, you need to type in the password of the wireless network you have chosen. And then comes the fun part, you have to decide a cool name for your Google Chromecast and the choice is upto you. Then after taking your important decisions (regarding the name) click on ‘Continue’ to finish the installing procedure.

Okay, so the good news is that in the 9th step you have finished the installation of your Google Chromecast for windows and now it is ready to add the applications (apps) and transfer or ‘Tabcast’ through your Google Chrome Browser.

P.S –  ‘Tabcasting’ refers to transferring the data which is in your Chrome Browser (web pages, or whatever is being displayed)  to your Television screen.

When connected to the WiFi, the applications will create direct streams to the Google Chromecast.

So you have successfully completed the downloading and installation process of the Google Chromecast for windows on your desktop.

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