11+ Best Antivirus for iPhone { Free & Premium } 2021

Best Antivirus for iPhone

If you own an amazing smart phone iPhone or iPad than the great thing about owing them is the upper hand on security that is offered by Apple. These are Best antivirus for iPhone which virus protection for iphone you own completely. Your all kind of data and other stuffs are safe in your iOS devices but still the complete security against all malicious activities is not there, therefore, the need of a good antivirus cannot be neglected. In today’s scenario where all our work is done on Internet, we need to think about double protection to our iPhones against all such attacks of virus so a good antivirus for iPhone is sort of a must. Here we listed Best Antivirus for iPhone.

Now you may wonder after having a closed security system built up in iOS do we still need an Antivirus package for iPhone? My answer will definitely be yes. Antivirus is software that prevents you from all kind of hacks and hackers having strict access to your bank details and other accounts that you work on from online using your phones. So to protect your device from any such kind of threat of your information being hacked, take the precaution that is better than the cure.

There’s little doubt in stating that IOS is the most secure and safe mobile OS, nevertheless you shouldn’t be ignoring the security of your information stored on your iPhone, security should be your number 1 goal. There are few iphone antivirus apps which can secure your system from infections/Trojans which I’m planning to discuss in this article. A Very Important Thing about these programs is the fact that you don’t have to pay anything. These all iPhone Antivirus Apps of 2021 are completely free and compatible with iOS 10 and iPhone 7. It’s 2021 almost and its important to keep your devices safe and secure.

Here we have a list of some very effective Antivirus for iPhones that is much needed to secure your iPhones or iPad. Go through them it will help you make an easy choice. Here we are with the Top Antivirus App for iPhone.

11 Best Antivirus for iPhone Device for Top security

1 : Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout protects your iPhone in the way like no other can ever give such protection. It is the best Antivirus and most preferred one among the iPhone users. Be it a case of losing your device or other kind of the data loss, Lookout is always a backup option for you. Lookout mobile security is best antivirus for iphone as per some reviews. It scans for every sort of virus automatically and even works in background.

It’s some of the specs include-

  • Allows you to have backup of your personal data, contacts, and gallery
  • Automatically saves your last location which makes it best antivirus for iphone.
  • Sounds an alarm if you feel you have lost your device nearby even in silent mode
  • Aware you through emails if any suspicious activity is detected against iPhone
  • If tried for fail attempts of passcode it informs you through email
  • Call the device or phone remotely if it is at risk of being stole
Best Antivirus for iPhone 1

It is available for free membership as well as comes in Premium package. The Premium definitely comes with more security features at a price of $29.99 per year. It is all in one security app to be recommended to all iPhone users. This is free antivirus for iphone if you want to try it.

Get it now for free by the link- https://www.lookout.com/iphone

2 : Avira Mobile Security 

It is an ideal tool of Antivirus that acts as another apt protecting tool for iPhone. Avira mobile security offers amazing features due to which it create impression of best antivirus for iphone. To let your privacy maintained without any compromise it is up to date with your emails. Its interesting feature is its dashboard that lets you to have track of your device and you can connect five devices at one time to locate your lost phone. It is quick and simple in its use and well reputed as well that is well endowed with security functions. Such iphone antivirus are freely available.

Best Antivirus for iPhone 2

Its other features include-

  • Comes with user interface in built option
  • “Flag” your device by enabling GPS to located your stolen device
  • Manage several iDevices with just one app
  • Scans your emails against any malware
  • virus protection for iphone
  • Single handedly removes all threat even by scanning email contacts

This free best antivirus for iphone with quite a strong security features comes for free. Follow the link to download it now.

3 : Norton Mobile Security

Best Antivirus for iPhone 3

4 : Norton Antivirus software for iPhones

This belongs to the community that is well trusted and powerful I its security features. It timely checks for any kind of threat against your iPhones and notifies to you immediately. It too like Lookup backs up your data and finds your lost device. It is effectively equal in terms of its functions to Lookup Security and quite ahead of Avira. What makes it best antivirus for iphone is features listed below.

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Another best Antivirus comes with features like-

  • Saves your location of device for easy tracking
  • Back up your data, allows you to share with other devices and even restore lost data
  • “Scream” feature activates alarm when iPhone is lost or stolen by thief
  • Remote call feature to track your device and get it back
  • Notifify through messages of any threat detected when app is in use

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Well, this too comes both for free and in its Premium version and can be availed at a price of $29.99 per year. Get it now for trial period on the link- Norton

5 : McAfee Mobile Security

It is one such antivirus for iPhone that keeps your confidential data and files from snooping even from your friends with its advanced tech-savvy security features. Some reviews says it is least but best antivirus for iphone. It quickly aware you if anyone try to access your private information. It is quick in use and user friendly interface with powerful security.

Best Antivirus for iPhone 4

Its specs that make it worth are-

  • “Secure Snap” features that saves your device photos and videos directly to vault without any copy
  • Protects photos and videos in hidden place that can only be opened with PIN
  • Wipe contacts remotely to avoid misuse
  • Back up and restores all the data
  • Alarm function to locate lost device even in silent mode

An app with pretty good standard of protection can be downloaded directly from App Store for free and use it for security. You can try it by downloading it from- Get mcAfee

6 : Avast Secure Me

Best Antivirus for iPhone 5

When we talk about best security software for iPhone, Avast makes a big brand name in the list. It has a watch on all your online activities and protects your accounts and other transactions along with personal data through just one app. Avast is best antivirus for iphone because of great function that app has inside it. It creates back up though not automatically but asks for it timely. When you open any app, the threat or malicious activity attached through it will be get notified through emails and prevents your personal information from getting leaked. Though not much advanced in security functions but still a great app in use that comes for free and is easy to use and access.

Get it now for free by following link- Get Avast Secure Me

7 : Trend Micro Mobile Security

One of the most efficient app that secures your iPhone like no other device does with its apt features. Trend Micro iphone antivirus has some cool features. It protects your device from threats through phishing, violations. It comes at an expensive price of $23.99 but is worth its cost though you can also avail for its 30 day trial membership.

Best Antivirus for iPhone 6

It has a high price with some of the features like-

  • Surfing safari pops up ad that asks for you to make transactions but this app safes you from any hacked account transactions
  • It scans the web page and other apps too
  • Back up your contacts and transfer it to other devices as well
  • Security feature to find your stolen device
  • Modify your protection features and prevent your Facebook too from being hacked
  • Manages your monthly used of packet data

Well, I don’t think such high tech features are offered in every next Antivirus so with these highlighted security features you can protect your device in a better way. Trust me, it will not disappoint you. Gives us virus protection for iphone.

Want to try it then follow the link : Trend Micro

8 : F- Secure Safe

This Top Antivirus for iPhone is a streamlined user interface using which you can browse your net and other web pages very securely using its security features. This app makes your online transactions much protected from any kind of scam as doing safe banking is its most advanced feature. It comes with parental control as well to keep your browsing safe and secures all your personal information and wallet in one place safely.

Best Antivirus for iPhone 7

It’s others features include-

  • Find a lost iPhone through alarm
  • Filters and parental control while browsing
  • Stops loading of web page if any threat detected
  • Notifies about malicious activities

Well, you can say this is another best Antivirus for protecting your iPhone without much efforts and simple use. This comes for free and no extra pay is required to avail its all security features.

Try now to secure your phone : Get F Secure

9 : Mobishield Antivirus for iPhone

Want to get a healthy checkup done your iPhone, go get Mobishield now to secure your iPhone from malicious threats that are brought up by Internet with every app that we use. This app detects the threats and vulnerabilities and even repairs it itself in no time. Its best part is that it even informs you if your iPhone is jailbroken.  It monitors your usage as well so that it can make you aware of all that is going in your phone or the information stored. Mobishield gives virus protection for iphone seamlessly.

Best Antivirus for iPhone 8

It’s some of the specs worth noting are-

  • Timely creates back up of your phone and recovers lost contacts or information
  • Monitors iPhone’s battery and usage
  • Scans any external network like unknown Wi-Fi network connected
  • To prevent loss of data charges has traffic alarm feature too

Well, the features by this app offer you required security so that you can use this free Antivirus securing your phone.

10 : 360 Security for iPhone

iPhone is majorly use for its photo or camera quality that it offers with even such a low megapixel. Using iPhone lets you to collect lots of photos and data in your device itself instead securing or storing it at other places. So this 360 Security Antivirus comes up with photo optimizer that is its built in function that scans your album and data stored regularly and avoids creating of duplicates as well. It groups them according to predetermined algorithms too o keep it at one place safely. You can also clear out unwanted space using this app on your iPhone by cleaning up all junk and unwanted files and data and also keeps back up of your contacts. You can even save your battery with its power saving mode option.

Best Antivirus for iPhone 9

Get it now : Download 360 Security for iPhone

11 : Virus Barrier security

Your personal data stored on your iPhone is completely safe with the just one app of Antivirus.  Yes, this app offers you a complete protection of your device as it scans not only data, but apps and games that are installed in your phone. It scans your emails and other attachments for threat before saving it in your phone.

Best Antivirus for iPhone 10

Its specs worth noting are of this Antivirus App are-

  • Immediately after scanning view your files with Integrated file reader
  • On demand scanning available
  • Scans and repairs the infected or corrupt files like Trojan horses, spyware etc
  • Scan remote location files as well as zipped file like from Google drive or Dropbox
  • Keeps track of files and data scanned

This Antivirus comes for free and is quite a useful when it comes to protecting or securing your iOS devices without much risk.

Conclusion : Well, the list ends of some of the best and Best antivirus for iPhone and we have mentioned about the most effective easy to implement Antivirus to keep your iPhone devices safe and secure for any malware and threats. Do try these as per your needs and demand and you will not complaint further about your iPhone’s safety. Kindly Subscribe and enjoy our rich articles geeks! Happy Reading!

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