Must-Have Adobe XD Plugins for 2020


In this blog, we will be exploring various Adobe XD plugins right away!

Adobe XD has been growing up with several updates to make the design process easier and faster. Indeed, it has become an ultimate UI/UX solution for designing custom websites, mobile app screens, prototypes and much more. As a UI/UX Designer, you probably swear that you would have used Adobe XD for designs or maybe know someone who does so!

Back in 2018, Adobe XD launched the plugin ecosystem from various third-party apps. Thanks to these plugins, designers can have access to multiple aspects of workflow that aren’t available in the Adobe XD core app.

Adobe XD plugins help designers to work on placeholders, patterns, images, icons, grids and lists, dropdown menus, illustrations, colour choices, spacing and a lot more.

How to install Plugins ?

In the vertical menu bar on the left side of your panel

Installing Adobe XD plugins
  • Click on the Plugins icon (or click Ctrl + Shift + P shortcut for Windows)
  • In the Plugins panel, Click on the + icon
  • Discover and install your required Plugins

Must-Have 10 Adobe XD Plugins

With a vast list of options, we have narrowed down the list to show you the best Must-Have 10 Adobe XD plugins. These plugins will help you make your tedious workflow more comfortable than ever. We have mentioned all these plugins, particularly to ease your design process. Of course, all plugins are free of cost.

1. Neumorph

Neumorph plugin for download

Neumorph designs are cool, have soft UI elements, and every designer would love it. Why reinventing the wheel with shadows when you have a ready-made plugin to do it! To begin with, choose the colour for your background and fill the same colour in your shape. Then, provide dimensions for your shape; put your favourite icons inside. Apply it in your artboard and voila! Your design is ready in a single click!

2. unDraw

unDraw Adobe XD plugin

unDraw is a simple plugin for designers but still stands on the list. This plugin helps you find more than 500 illustrations under any theme for your screen. This plugin is so appealing to generate no-attribution SVG images, and you can colour manage it as you want. To begin with, search the required illustration, copy-paste in your artboard or wherever you want. Then, customize your illustrations, stitch images as you want and create awesome illustrations for your app screens!

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3. Web Export

Web Export Adobe XD plugin

Web Export is an excellent plugin launched by Velara and is exclusively for Web Developers. This plugin allows you to generate HTML and CSS codes with just a few clicks. Also, this plugin will enable you to access a variety of features; For instance, you can constrain elements to the top, bottom, right, left, horizontal, vertical and center positions. Also, you can add classes, attributes, markup language, additional styling elements that support web frameworks.

4. UI Faces

UI Faces Adobe XD plugin

Finding random faces for mockups can consume your time. For this purpose, use the UI Faces Adobe XD plugin to generate random face avatars for your mock-up screen without leaving Adobe XD. This plugin helps you to apply random faces based on age, gender, emotions, hair colour and a lot more facial features. You can grab a lot of face avatars from Unsplash, RandomUser, TinyFaces and much more. It indeed saves your time and helps you create face avatars out of thin air.

5. Wireframer

Wireframer plugin for download

Are you tired of designing wireframes for prototypes from scratch? Gear up with more than  170+ prebuilt wireframes that you can customize. Finding the right wireframe is straight forward. This Adobe XD plugin comes with a tag-based search and a folder filter.

The Wireframer plugin is an all in one design tool with many features

  • Create mockup and wireframe layouts
  • Create UI elements
  • Design user flowcharts, and much more.

6. Spacer

Spacer plugin for download

Manually setting up space between elements can gobble up much of your time. Use the Spacer plugin to align elements in just one click. This plugin allows you to set the spacing between elements either horizontally, vertically or even both if you wish to do so. All you have to do is, install the plugin, choose the elements that you want to align. Then mark on the checkbox near the options Vertical or Horizontal. Type the amount of spacing you want and apply.

7. Icons 4 Design

Icons 4 Design plugin

Icons make a big part in your prototype. Why would you need to swap tabs to search icons when you have a plugin right in hand!. For this purpose, install the Icons 4 Design Adobe XD plugin, type the keyword required. You will get a good collection of icons for the keyword; You can choose the icons according to your idea, such as for iOS app screens or Android or in general any other theme.

Icons 4 Design Adobe XD plugin has a vast collection of more than 5000+  icons. They are of high-quality, no-attribution icons. They are also customizable to your heart’s content, for instance, colours, shapes and much more.

8. GradientAngle

GradientAngle plugin

GradientAngle plugin allows you to set proper angle for gradient colours in a single click. The angle for gradients won’t be perfect when adjusted manually. Also, it would be difficult for you to mention the gradient angle in code without proper reference. Fill the gradient colour shades in your required shapes, select the shape and in the plugin type the angle for the gradient accordingly.

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9. Confetti

Confetti Adobe XD plugin

Playing with Confetti patterns has never been so easy in a single click. Confetti is an Adobe XD plugin that lets you generate confetti patterns for your prototype. You can adjust opacity, the scale of shapes, rotation and the colour code. Customize your icons, your background screen, card view or what else you wish to with Confetti and have fun!

10. Tool Kit

Tool Kit plugin

This Adobe XD plugin that allows you to do the below functions

  • Find the words and Replace them
  • Swap two elements
  • Clean reductant groups in layers
  • Swap fill and border colours
  • Unsplash layer (Import random images from Unsplash website)
  • Quick Lorem Ipsum (Generate filler words in a text layer)

Adobe XD Plugins Cheat Sheet

To summarize, lets wrap up all the Adobe XD plugins and their usage.

  1. Neumorph – Generate Neumorph UI screens
  2. unDraw – For free illustrations
  3. Web Export – Generate HTML and CSS code for websites.
  4. UI Faces – Fill shapes with random face avatars
  5. Wireframer – For readymade wireframes
  6. Spacer – Assign space between elements
  7. Icons 4 Design – Icons plugin
  8. GradientAngle – Provide angle for gradient colours
  9. Confetti – Generate confetti patterns
  10. Tool Kit – For the purpose of replacing words, Unsplash and swapping images.

Of course, there are a lot of other cool plugins for productivity, utility and other purposes. Have research to know more and utilize them too. Meanwhile, install all the plugins right away and have fun with designing. Also, stay tuned with SwitchGeek for more tech-related content.

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